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Playbook: Return on Ad Spend

return on ad spend

How to Report on Which Paid Advertisements Drive Pipeline and Revenue A Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) report helps marketers understand which paid advertisements drive the most revenue for their investments. In other words, it enables marketers to make data-driven decisions about what paid advertising platforms are the most efficient in driving revenue for the […]

Playbook: Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)


How to Report on How Efficient You Are in Driving Pipeline and/or Revenue A Return on Investment (ROI) report is designed to help marketers determine the amount of revenue each of their marketing activities generates for the business, all channels included (both offline and online). Why You’d Use This Report Marketers should use an ROI […]

Playbook: Multi-Touch Attribution

multi touch attribution

How to Report on Multi-Touch Attribution A Multi-Touch attribution model assumes that all touch points in the customer journey have an influence on conversion. There are three main types of Multi-Touch attribution models: Even-Weighted (each touch gets equal value), U-Shaped (weights first and last touch higher), W-Shaped (weights first-touch, touch-prior-to-conversion, and touch prior to deal […]

Playbook: Account Engagement Score

account engagement score

Determine Which Accounts are Engaging With Your Business An Account Engagement Score aggregates activity from all the people who are interacting with your company at the account level so you can understand and act on it. Ideally, you want to focus on high-value activity. For example, CaliberMind prioritizes companies that spend time on our product […]

Playbook: Chain-Based Attribution

Chain Based Attribution

How to Report on Most Effective Customer Journey Touch Points Chain-Based Attribution (CBA) is rooted in probability and statistics and uses the Markov model to give credit to each touch point along the customer journey. It uses your account’s conversion data to calculate the actual contribution of each channel along the conversion path and, by […]

Playbook: Single-Touch Attribution

Single Touch Attribution

How to Report on Most Effective Lead or Opportunity Sources A Single Touch attribution model gives 100% of revenue credit to one touch point along the customer journey (typically referred to as either first or last touch). A First Touch model assigns 100% of credit to touch points that initiate conversion paths, while a Last […]

Playbook: Account-Based Marketing Funnel

ABM Funnel

Determine How Accounts Flow Through the Marketing and Sales Funnel An Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Funnel report determines the impact and effectiveness of an organizations’ ABM efforts, and conversion rates at each stage of the ABM funnel. The funnel stages of the ABM funnel are: Why You’d Use This Funnel The ABM funnel is used to […]

Playbook: Demand Generation Funnel

Demand Gen Funnel

It’s All About Demand Gen Efficiency Demand generation funnel reports can help B2B organizations measure the impact of certain demand generation activities. They are also helpful if you suspect there’s a sticking point in handoffs between marketing and sales. But there’s a problem with the traditional configuration for funnels that start with contact and lead […]