B2B Marketing KPIs: 7 Strategies to Nail Reporting on Your Efforts

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Success can mean different things to b2b marketers versus board members or the C-suite. As a marketing leader, you may believe that engagement is the most relevant metric, but that won’t matter to your board or CEO if your marketing efforts haven’t yielded tangible results.

Marketers Beware: iOS Is Amping Up Its Privacy Protection (Again)

Carey Picklesimer

This guest post was authored by Mary McDaniels.   The age of digital marketing, e-commerce, and information sharing relied on consumer information for effective targeted marketing. Case in point, targeted mobile advertising spending in the US is predicted to reach $32 billion by the end of 2023. But what happens when the era of ad tech privacy […]

2020 State of Revenue Marketing & Compensation Report

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INSIGHTS: B2B MARKETING COMP Show Me The Pipeline and Take Home More $$$ Organizations that tie marketing compensation to marketing sourced pipeline and revenue see greater ROMI. Marketers who have the infrastructure and skill sets needed for advanced analytics (like Pipeline Coverage & ROMI reporting) are also more expected to earn over six figures. Take […]