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How to Troubleshoot Multi-Touch Attribution

When organizations implement multi-touch attribution, there are often questions to answer and issues to address. You might turn it on and then discover inconsistencies and all of a sudden your data is now seen as unreliable and the confidence you have built among other departments and stakeholders is now out the window. Don’t panic. Typically when you hear someone say the data is broken, it means they don’t trust the data. Still, most of the time, you are either missing something in your model or you’re over-counting something like email sends. It’s so easy to want to put all the touchpoints in there, but for something to actually get revenue association, there has to be some sort of meaningfulness to the touchpoint, some sort of inbound response.

2020 State of Revenue Marketing & Compensation Report

state of revenue cover

INSIGHTS: B2B MARKETING COMP Show Me The Pipeline and Take Home More $$$ Organizations that tie marketing compensation to marketing sourced pipeline and revenue see greater ROMI. Marketers who have the infrastructure and skill sets needed for advanced analytics (like Pipeline Coverage & ROMI reporting) are also more expected to earn over six figures. Take […]