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Think B2B Marketers are “Bad at Data”? Maybe It’s Your CRM

For too long, executives have poo-pooed marketing’s ability to understand metrics and speak the alphabet-soup business language adopted by SaaS. Many have even heard our department jokingly referred to as “the arts and crafts” department. This misconception stems from no “gold standard” for marketing key performance indicators, a lack of consistency in what investors ask from their portfolio companies to prove marketing “works,” and a lack of understanding of the challenges marketers face when summarizing their data.

Playbook: The CMO’s 90-Day Guide to Better Analytics

You’re a CMO, and you’ve just accepted a position at a promising B2B SaaS company. Already, you see plenty of growth opportunities, and you just know your team will start seeing positive results as soon as 90 days out. Your CEO is eager to sign you up for performance goals, and you’re under pressure to […]

Proving Marketing ROI: The CMO’s Constant Battle

Boiling marketing impact down to a single number doesn’t make sense. So how do we balance what the board is asking for with fair representation of everything we do?Watch a panel of experts discuss how CMOs can prove ROI and own the boardroom.

When You Hear ‘We Need Attribution,’ Always Ask WHY

Misha Salkinder, CaliberMind’s Director of Customer Data Strategy discusses the tools of the trade, including the pros and cons of each of your options. He also outlines the level of expertise and the time commitment that goes into attribution.

The Age of ChatGPT Isn’t Here Yet

Ryan Ruud, Founder, and CEO at Lake One, joins our host, Camela Thompson, in this episode of the Revenue Marketing Report. Ryan shares his insights on how tech broke marketing, the positives of using technology like ChatGPT, and the legwork we should do before leveraging ChatGPT.

Why Every B2B Marketer Needs the Outrageous Offer

Dave Valentine, Serial Entrepreneur and Business Owner of companies mostly in the marketing space, shares his insights on how buyer behavior has evolved, a framework that people should use to think through their outrageous offer, and the online resources people should check out.

What B2B Can Learn from B2C

Valentin Radu, CEO of Omniconvert, joins our host, Camela Thompson, in this episode of the Revenue Marketing Report. Valentin shares his insights on what he’s seeing from his side of the business world, how to make the decision of who is your ideal target as a data-driven leader, and how the post-sale cycle is changing with an emphasis on increasing the customer lifetime value.

Why Marketing Ops in RevOps Can Be a Good Thing

Why Marketing Ops in RevOps Can be a Good Thing

Kamil Rextin, Senior General Manager at 42 Agency, shares his insights on what attribution is and isn’t, what is attribution useful for, and why no reliance should be placed on self-reported attribution.

How to Prove B2B Marketing ROI

How to Prove B2B Marketing ROI

A tactical guide for senior marketing leaders on how to address the gap between the CEO’s expectations and the reality of how complex b2b sales and marketing cycles work when it comes to reporting on marketing ROI. Discover what makes understanding marketing ROI so hard, how to educate internally, and how to report on key goals.