ABM Scoring Guide: The New Way to Score Accounts Built on the Customer Journey

abm scoring guide

Traditional lead scoring is failing. Account based changes everything. So, we built a new account scoring guide and model to help B2B marketers tackle the challenge of account engagement head on.   Traditional lead scoring is failing. Traditional lead scoring takes into account a variety of predetermined factors that help in qualifying a leads propensity […]

Build a Marketing Dashboard Your Board Will Love

master your next board report

After helping multiple marketing organizations build a reporting structure and speaking with experts like Virginia Chere Lucett, we know the executive summary a Board wants from marketing. They need to understand marketing’s effectiveness, efficiency, velocity, and trends.       Revenue Marketing Report Interview: How to Identify and Double-Down on High ROI Marketing Efforts   Many […]

How to Identify and Double-Down on High ROI Marketing Efforts


Measuring: What to Measure & Why It’s Important In marketing, it’s one thing to have a gut feeling that a channel or piece of content will work. It’s another thing entirely to actually be able to objectively measure it all the way through from first touch to close, and to see effectiveness at every stage. […]

Strength in the Community: Marketing Guidance in a Downturn


To put it mildly, things are unsettling right now. Many experts warned of the inevitability of an economic downturn. However, no one predicted human tragedy —in the form of a global pandemic — would kick it off. According to the Harvard Business Review, the natural psychological responses range from over-optimistic investing to extreme cost cutting.   […]

Uplevel Your Marketing ROI With The 80/20 Rule

Adam Smith

Experimentation: 80% of your time, 20% of your budget Digital marketing trends constantly evolve to keep pace with technology. What worked in April of last year may only be somewhat effective now. Digital marketers must make time to experiment with new techniques to discover what works today.

How To (Truly) Measure Campaign Effectiveness

erik eaton

Identifying Successful Marketing Campaigns (Correctly) Every marketer wants (and needs) to know if their efforts make a positive impact on the business. The right data can inform whether or not a campaign is repeated, content is developed, and budget is awarded. It even determines if someone gets the promotion they’ve been hoping for. If marketing […]

A Look At The 2020 Revenue Marketing & Comp Report

report overview

  Here at CaliberMind, we’re obsessed with helping marketers drive results that matter to the business. And as part of that obsession, we put out an annual survey to B2B marketers (with help from our friends at Heinz Marketing). This year, we had hundreds of marketers respond.   So what’s new this year? A whole […]

Why You Should Care About Forrester’s New Wave Report on Customer Data Platforms

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    Last week Forrester released the first New-Wave Report™ on Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). In the report, they evaluated 13 significant providers in the category.    CaliberMind was included in the final report.   And, we’re proud to announce that we were recognized as a “strong performer”.   Don’t get me wrong — we’re really […]

Attribution Meets Machine Learning: What You Need To Know

ml article

Note: This article was originally published on Demand Gen Report’s Demanding Views   Three questions encompass everything a C-suite or board wants to know when it checks in with its Marketing organization:   How are we performing? How much is it costing us? Is it getting better or worse?   Sounds simple. Right? You might […]

The Ultimate Guide to Chain-Based Attribution

chain based attribution

Marketing ROI. It’s the holy grail — knowing exactly where to spend the next dollar for maximum return. But to date, it’s been hard. And only 1 in 4 marketers is highly confident they can quantify ROI. So, we did something about it… and outlined a new machine learning approach to attribution and ROI in […]

ABM Goes Inward: Expansion Opportunities In Your Customer Base

amber bogie

Identify The Hidden Opportunity In Your Customer Base A modern marketing organization actively practices ABM, meaning strategic “target accounts” have been researched and identified, and specific efforts are put into motion to turn those accounts into customers.