How to Fix 7 Pitfalls When Calculating Return on Ad Spend

Marketing Data Stages

Understanding return on marketing investments is more critical than ever. We’ve exited a reasonably long stretch of economic stability, and business leaders are adjusting accordingly by asking more detailed questions of marketing—particularly around digital ad spend.   It turns out these are smart questions to ask! According to a January 2021 Forbes article, P&G turned off […]

Why Marketers Need Engagement Scoring and Attribution

You Need Attribution and Engagement Scoring

There are a lot of tools on the market that specialize in either engagement scoring or campaign attribution. While they serve two very different purposes, they rely on very similar data sets and demand a reasonable level of data hygiene.   Even with the structural similarities, marketers are often forced to choose one investment over […]

Insights to Actions: Utilizing the Effectiveness Measure

utilizing effectivness measure

    We are lucky to be working daily with clients who have teams of analytical and questioning marketers that want data to drive their decision-making. In managing marketing teams, I looked for validation for our actions through past results and proper testing.   Analytical dashboards were often helpful, but the data was siloed and […]