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6 Things We Learned From 2020

What 2020 Taught Us

2020 has been… Well, it’s been a bit of a dumpster fire. We kicked the year off with Australia literally on fire and somehow managed to continue to spiral. Even the 2020 Word of the Year award didn’t go as expected. The Oxford English Dictionary selected dozens. Doomscrolling, blursday, quarantini, and covidiots all made the […]

Marketing Report Builder – First Look

CaliberMind Video Intros

CaliberMind is proud to announce our partnership with Sisense has resulted in new self-service analytics and report building capabilities.   This month, I’m super psyched to give you a first look at our revamped Attribution Dashboard powered by Sisense!   Attribution is organized in easy to use, easy to understand screens. A high-level summary report shows […]

What’s Behind the Data Disconnect Between the C-Suite and Marketing?

lets talk about data

People throw out the term “data-driven” like it’s going out of style. As a business built around empowering marketers with analytics, we think making decisions with data is a great thing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen as often as you’d think.   Many people elect to make an informed decision over going with their gut. Data-driven […]

CaliberMind June 2020 Product Update

calibermind june update

New Multi-Touch Attribution Models By popular customer request, Contribution to Revenue Reports are now available using Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA)! This means that additional insights can now be bubbled up about early sourcing touches.   Quickly see which channels generate “first touch” vs other top-of-funnel touches Channels like Email and Events will now shown more prominently in the […]

Speed to Insights | CaliberMind March 2020

speed to insights

In the last few weeks, the world has suddenly found itself in uncertain times. We are in uncharted waters, where speed to marketing answers and agility matter more than ever.   Because unfortunately,  JPMorgan officially forecasts a coronavirus-driven recession will rock the US and Europe by July.   “During a recession or economic downturn, many companies […]

B2B Customer Data Platforms (CDP) 2019 – Year In Review

B2B CDP Year in Review

2019 was the year when Customer Data Platforms finally arrived in B2B after proving tremendous value in B2C for several years.   The CDP Institute’s latest research indicates that 30% of B2B marketers have CDP deployment underway or complete and another 34% of B2B companies plan to start deploying a customer data platform (CDP) in the next […]

New Year, New CaliberMind Features | January 2020

product update

We hope that your year is off to a great start! Here is what’s new and exciting at CaliberMind this month:   Emailing Reports to Stakeholders – quickly deliver the insights your stakeholders need, when they need them Dynamic LinkedIn Audiences [Beta] – dynamically create audiences of contacts and accounts in CaliberMind, and push directly into a […]

Take Your Attribution to The Next Level with Revenue Contribution

rev contribution

In B2B marketing, being able to contribute marketing activities to sales and revenue can reap big rewards. In the State of Revenue Marketing Report, Revenue Marketers reported over 2x the ROI compared to Demand and Lead marketers.     Our CDP already supports all the standard attribution models such as first touch, last touch, W, time decay etc’ […]

Moving Beyond Vanity Metrics: Tie Ad Performance to Revenue

roas hero

Right on time for marketing budgeting season and annual Return on Marketing Investment [ROMI] reporting, we have a big TRICK and a cool TREAT for you for Halloween!   We’ve just released our Return on Ad Spend [ROAS] feature, which enables you to tie performance all the way to revenue, a critical feature that traditional reporting […]

What’s New in CaliberMind | September 2019

product update

This month we’re excited to announce a number of new updates:   Strategic Partnership with ZoomInfo (formerly DiscoverOrg + ZoomInfo) that allows joint customers to close gaps you have in your marketing database New Facebook Integration for Return on Ad Spend Reporting Improvements to Attribution and Funnel Reports with additional drill downs, days-in-stage, and custom stages New Campaign Manager (coming […]

CaliberMind’s CDP + DiscoverOrg Data = A Match Made in Heaven

calibermind plus discover org

We’ve just announced our strategic partnership and product integration with DiscoverOrg . I always say that 3rd party data is the fuel that powers the CDP (1st party) data engine. Our B2B CDP data and analytics engine was recently named a “strong performer” by Forrester, and we wanted to make it even stronger by powering it with the […]