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5 Must-Haves to Create an Ideal Customer Profile

icp fit

Smaller companies tend to know their ideal customer profile (ICP) well. They have to. They’re still ironing out product issues and developing features, making selling to a broad audience tricky.   Unfortunately, just because you know your ideal target market doesn’t mean you can use these data points in your ICP model. We’ve seen many […]

A Shallow Pipeline Wave on the Horizon

shallow pipeline

Pipeline creation is a team sport. As a Salesperson, I wanted to share my point of view on current happenings with Marketing, in hopes we can better achieve our current and future goals – together.   The New Norm: Questions We’re Asking Ourselves We’re all feeling a bit of what’s happening on this Kubler-Ross Model professionally, and […]

We All Suck At Revenue Forecasting and Here’s Why

inherent bias

You own the revenue number for the company. So — when I say there lurks a revenue sucker in your company do your ears perk up? It’s the kind that shows itself clearly, but manages to elude the questioning glare from the board and the executive team year after year.  It breaks our backs right as our […]