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The Ultimate Guide to Chain-Based Attribution

Marketing ROI. It’s the holy grail — knowing exactly where to spend the next dollar for maximum return. But to date, it’s been hard. And only 1 in 4 marketers is highly confident they can quantify ROI. So, we did something about it… and outlined a new machine learning approach to attribution and ROI in this tell-all guide.

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What's In The Guide

A few reasons we've struggled with attribution to date.

Like many things the answers are nuanced and often -- complex. Generally, there isn’t one thing that we can turn on and -- poof --we’ve got it all figured out. Not so fast.

Has Multi-Touch Attribution Worked?

Let's explore whether we as B2B marketers have been satisfied with attribution. Our take? It hasn't been good enough.

Why A New Attribution Model Is Needed

Over the past five years, we’ve seen advancement in AI, machine learning, and natural language processing. So why hasn't attribution modeling caught up?

How Chain-Based Attribution Works and Why It Matters

Get insights into how chain-based attribution calculates the actual contribution of each channel along the conversion path.

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