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The CMO's 90-Day Road Map To Analytics

We’ve all seen the stat – the CMO tenure is the shortest in the C-Suite – and it’s scary. At CaliberMind we believe that the first 90-days are key to building trust and outperforming their KPIs. So, we curated a series of assets and tools to give the new CMO a head start.

coffee playbook
Let's Dive In

The Toolkit

cody boyte
Cody Boyte, CMO at Jornaya discusses how he uses a revenue-weighted conversation to drive conversations with the C-Suite.
marketing ops
As CMO, one of the first hires you should make is your chief of staff, aka your marketing operations leader. Read on to find out why Tomasz Tunguz agrees.
In this HBR article the authors explore why marketing analytics hasn't lived up to its promise and offer a roadmap to help.
State of Revenue Marketing Report
Build a clearly defined and documented revenue cycle centered around the metrics that matter: pipeline and revenue.
Access sample reports and dashboards - demand funnels, paid media, content, ABM, events, and attribution.
chain based attribution
We outline a new machine learning approach to attribution and ROI in this tell-all Chain-Based Attribution guide.

We're Here to Help: Marketing Analytics as a Service

We get it, marketing analysts are hard to hire and retain and marketing analytics systems can be hard to implement. So, we’ve built a series of service and software packages to help you jump-start your first 90-days.

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