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2020 Guide to Chain-Based Insights

Posted September 1, 2020
2020 guide to chain based insights


“What’s my next best action?”


We hear it from nearly every marketer we talk to, and we understand. We’re all concerned about maximizing our budget and limiting the time to sale. It stands to reason that knowing the chain of events that is most likely to lead to a sale and then replicating that for our audience would dramatically increase revenue and cut costs.


The problem is, existing attribution models aren’t able to map the ideal buyer journey.


They follow a single person–when multiple buyers are involved in B2B decision making.


They don’t incorporate intent actions that are contact anonymous and account known (derived from known IP ranges).


We can’t–and shouldn’t–replicate a model with missing pieces.


That’s why we changed how we look at the buyer journey. CaliberMind uses a chain-based algorithmic model to measure an event’s effectiveness at each point of the buyer journey–and we consider all activity across an account. It’s so powerful, we’re finding different ways to put the information to use.


We hope sharing this information helps your B2B marketing journey.

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