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2023 B2B Funnel Buyer’s Guide

Posted January 6, 2023
B2B funnel buyers guide 2023

Remember when you dove into a project with excitement only to get to the end, lost, confused and probably cursing due to an outcome that wasn’t what you’d hoped for? (Think about the last piece of IKEA furniture you built.) You went back, read the instructions, saw your error and realized that yes, reading instructions and assembling pieces first is the way to go.

Creating your funnel is just like that. We’ve been there. We know the trouble spots and we’ve got the instructions you need before you start. 


Know the Flow that Works for Your Organization

As the complexity of B2B sales increases in the marketplace, so does the need for automated tools to track, manage and report on customers, their behavior and next steps in the buyer journey. But, do you build that tool yourself? Go with a tool that does it all for you? Throw caution to the wind and toss a coin?

These aren’t simple decisions and the desire to toss a coin is strong. But, with this guide that outlines the steps to take before you build or buy, we walk you through the top 5 mistakes to avoid, how to pick your funnel flow style, understanding the benefits of DIY or buy and much more. 

Some of the key learning elements enclosed are why alignment between teams is essential before, during and after funnel implementation; understanding how the way people work influences your build; and respecting the come-and-go nature of B2B sales. Sure, you can jump into your funnel without considering these things, but as mentioned, we’ve been there and we’re 99% sure you’re going to regret not bringing these points into the conversation before you start.

There’s even a broad outline to help you get started with establishing your project, who to include and the basic process. This alone is a great reason to spend a few minutes on this quick yet robust read.

What Do You Need in a Funnel?

When starting funnel development, it isn’t simple sorting out whether you should buy or build your own. We’re here to give you the pros and cons as well as the checklist of things to consider as a buyer. 

Look, we get it. Funnel development isn’t a piece of cake and you want to get it right the first time. That’s exactly why we created this guide. Consider it your 101 on getting started and gaining access to the additional resources that will help you make the right decisions once you have the basics sorted out.