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The B2B CMO’s Guide to Unlocking the Funnel

Posted March 9, 2023
B2B CMO Funnel Guide

Executive leadership has been using funnels for years to give marketers lead-generation goals. But what you may not know is that savvy revenue operations professionals have also figured out how to optimize processes, including lead gating and routing, to fix broken systems and serve as an internal tie-breaker for which side of the sales and marketing coin has work to do.

That’s why we’ve developed a guide, written by CMOs for CMOs, to help you take control of your marketing strategy and optimize your processes for better results. By downloading this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to effectively convert your marketing channels into pipeline 
  • How long it takes sales to pursue leads
  • Which customer profiles convert (and which ones don’t)
  • Whether volume or quality should be the focus of your marketing efforts.

Our guide also covers the likelihood that your systems are sabotaging your pipeline generation, and how to fix them. With this information at your fingertips, you can take control of your marketing strategy and align it with your sales organization for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Don’t let sales leaders and CROs dictate your marketing strategy. Take control today with our CMO guide and maximize your marketing efforts for better alignment with your sales organization.

The B2B CMO’s Guide to Unlocking the Funnel