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How to Prove B2B Marketing ROI

Posted April 27, 2023
How to Prove B2B Marketing ROI

B2B marketers selling technology understand that we can’t draw a straight line from an ad impression to a closed-won opportunity. As of 2019, each opportunity had a buyer committee of 8-10 people. With a softened economy, we’ve seen that buyer committee inflate dramatically. Most opportunities over $10,000 need buy-in from the CFO now, which has introduced more friction to the buying cycle – and more personas to win over.

Because of this, our sales cycles are lengthening, which means more touch-points (the vast majority of them digital) are needed to convince a prospect to become a customer.

For those of you downloading this guide hoping for a silver bullet or single metric to convince the C-Suite and board that your ROI is stellar, I have bad news: – There is no silver bullet.

And CEOs and boards looking for the magic number to judge marketing by are always going to be disappointed. Your success isn’t just tied to your ability to find equations to prove ROI. Your success depends on your ability to educate up about the realities of marketing data.