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The Dirt Your Data is Hiding – Spot the Dirty Secrets

Posted January 12, 2023
The Dirt Your Data is Hiding – Spot the Dirty Secrets

You want to talk about exponential growth areas? Let’s talk data. Everyone wants in on this conversation and they toss out terms like Big Data, data integration or data maximization. The problem is that most of the people doing the talking haven’t got a clue what they are asking for. 

This isn’t all bad because that increased interest has grown the awareness of data’s benefits and the budgets put towards data-based activities. However, what has also resulted is the influx of a lot of data, A LOT OF DATA. Legacy system data, rented lists, some sales person’s contact list. It’s all mashed together in an ugly mud puddle. 

The mud of dirty data seeps into the cleanest of spaces and influences all kinds of activities we expect to be clean. It doesn’t have to be this way; you can track most of that dirt down and suck it up. No, we can’t promise utter cleanliness, but we can make sure the dirt is seen and dealt with. Interested? Check out The Dirty Secrets of Dirty Data.

Prevent the New and Shiny from Becoming Dull and Dirty

There are fabulous data tools out there and many promise the greatest experience possible, but without cleaning the data, you’ll be adding your stinky socks to a freshly laundered basket of clothes. The dirt remains. 

In a survey we refer to in this guide, you’ll see that the number one barrier facing data scientists is dirty data. Fortunately, among the data tools that offer market insights, tracking, segmentation techniques and more, there are also those that offer data cleaning. And like the laundry, once you’re on top of it, it’s much easier to stay on top of it. 

We all have dirty laundry and dirty data. 

No one is alone in this. Duplicates are created both internally and externally without intention. Leads that aren’t matched to accounts become orphaned. Then there’s just the plain old bad data – misspellings, intentionally deceptive entries, personal email addresses instead of work and more.

But what "Soap" is Best for Cleaning Dirty Data?

With the volume of data cleaning tools, it’s hard to know which one to rely on. This is where a B2B Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) step in like Mr. Clean. They tie tools together, within the tech stack, to identify gaps, automate and more. 

Within The Dirty Secrets of Dirty Data, you’ll learn about CDPs, how they work, how they enrich data and literally make your data not just cleaner, but better. From automated reporting tools through activations and workflows and data visualization as an end result, this is an easy read about where CDPs are making a difference in bringing better data to organizations with the lingering mud puddles. 

Yes, there is a lot of data flowing. We can help you ensure it is cleaner and more effective without that nasty ring of dirt. 

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