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How to Get Wider Visibility Across Your Funnel

Posted January 13, 2023
How to Get Wider Visibility Across Your Funnel

If you build it, they will come. 

The truth is, you can build it and they might come, but to keep them coming and get a bead on where they’re coming from, you need to widen the visibility across your funnel. Certain tactics, implemented and reviewed on an ongoing basis, allow you to broaden that visibility. 

No matter what you know about your funnel, there’s always more to learn – especially when it comes to enhancing it. And learning works best when it hits you at the right time with the right amount of detail.

In this quick-sheet infographic of nine tips, we start by outlining funnel visibility tactics. Simple, but not necessarily easy. That’s why the big points (nailing the basics, using UTM parameters, web trackers) include links to help you dig deeper into the task of enhancing the funnel and widening visibility.

Watch and Learn Even More

A quick-sheet can only do so much, especially if *yawn* you’ve been there, done that. We recognize that. The tips are a good reminder to look at blockers, privacy settings and more, but when you’re exploring your funnel through this type of lens for the first time, or you’ve already thought of these points, you need more insight. That’s where the link at the bottom to our guide comes in. 

The guide: The Truth About Your Marketing Funnel, guides you through the nine points of the infographic at a robust yet comprehensive level. Then, take things a step further with the on-demand video. The Full Funnel: Dark, Gray & Transparent is an expert-filled look into marketing attribution, making more from existing attribution reports and tracking the hard to track with Justin Norris, Jess Bahr and Grant Grigorian. 

Think of the guide as your workbook and the video as a YouTube how-to into getting your fingernails dirty (on the keyboard anyway) with your funnel visibility. From understanding the dark funnel – those things that are hard to track – and some tips to gain more insight to starting with the basics the right way, you’ll get what you need to know in one spot. 

Quick and Dirty or Deep Dive – It’s Your Choice

Create wider visibility across your funnel by embracing these tips and information on how to do it. We’ve brought it all together in this single package to take you from the simplistic level of the infographic sheet all the way to guidance and discussion in video form by experts. 

Then, if you need to know more, reach out to us. We’re here to help and when you’re talking funnels, we’re listening.