Why Marketing Data (Still) Matters in an Economic Downturn

We’ve seen two extremes: people who think it’s possible to measure and analyze everything in marketing and people who think gut is good enough. Right now, doing nothing is a career risk, but trying to measure everything is just impossible.

In a downturn, marketing is always the first to feel the budget belt tighten. What can we do with the data we do have to build a business case for marketing? And why have marketing analytics fallen short in the past?

How to Deliver (the Right) Marketing Data to the Board

The keys to a good presentation are brevity, certainty, and understanding what your audience cares about. Listen in as our expert panel discusses what the board wants and how marketers should think about presenting their data.

B2B Data Workshop

Masterclass Illustration

Are you thinking about buying an analytics tool but worried about the state of your underlying data? Or are you frustrated with the insights you’re (NOT) able to get out of the tool you already have?

Our masterclass series is for you!

Our July 12th session is focused on best practice methods for data normalization.

Marketers benefit from a vast array of data enrichment tools, but information from different sources can create messy reports. Creating logic and automation that simplifies these massive text fields into a simple list can make the difference in your team getting the most out of your reports or being overwhelmed by unhygienic data.

Join us for a best practice class taught by experts. This course is FREE but space is limited so be sure to sign up today!

Why Attribution Alone Isn’t Enough (Video)

A MOPs Powerhouse Panel

We gathered some of the top minds in Marketing Operations to discuss a hot topic – why is attribution failing so many marketers? Watch the full video below to learn common implementation mistakes and how to make the most out of the tool you have.