Data Storytelling Strategy

Data Storytelling Strategy with Metadata's Demand Community

Data can help change how your department conducts business but in order to do this well, you will need to accept and navigate a core truth: Data doesn’t change minds, stories do. Join CaliberMind and Metadata’s Demand Community on March 15th to learn how to effectively approach presenting data to the board using proven negotiation tactics and a storytelling lens.

Help Marketers Do More With Less: Using Data & Automation to Maximize Impact

Help Marketers Do More With Less: Using Data & Automation to Maximize Impact

Is your marketing team STRESSED about budget cuts or a lack of resources? CaliberMind has recruited a panel of experts who have helped marketers: Automate repetitive tasks, Use data to see what does (and doesn’t) work, Talk through different applications that are worth the investment.

We’ll also cover how to sell using processes and data to a creative team, and give you resources that will “teach them how to fish” instead of solely relying on operations to provide them with insights.

The first 20 minutes will be a general Q&A / best-practice sharing forum and then we’ll break out into different groups based on the maturity of your marketing organization.

Board Reporting Foundations: Reading Charts

Board Reporting Foundations: Reading Charts

Marketers often struggle with preparing data and presentations for the C-Suite and the BoD. Join CaliberMind and Metadata as Camela Thompson, VP of Marketing at CaliberMind outlines the self-guided course on reporting to the board which ends in a Certification.

NYC Holiday Happy Hour with RevOps Co-Op

NYC Holiday Happy Hour with CaliberMind and RevOps Co-op

Join us at the Spyglass (in the Archer hotel) for uninterrupted, panoramic views over drinks, appetizers, and merriment with fellow operations rockstars. Just minutes from the Javits Center, the Spyglass is known for its stellar cocktails and artisan bites. We’ll kick off the festivities at 5pm. Bonus points for those of you brave enough to don your ugly sweaters! We can’t wait to see you in NYC! RSVP below.

Hit Your 2023 Revenue Targets

How a Focus on Your Customers Can Help You Hit Your 2023 Revenue Targets

The unwelcome uncertainty of today’s economy has leaders providing this sensible guidance to their teams: “Do more with less.”

And no one understands better than the software industry that the best way to sustain productivity without adding headcount is through smart automation.

This roundtable features a team of four revops experts outlined how a Focus on Your Customers Can Help You Hit Your 2023 Revenue Targets.

Attribution Reporting Live Forum

Attribution Promo Image 2

This event featuring Zee Jeremic, CEO of Mass Engines, and Nic Zangre, VP of Customer Success & Revenue Operations at CaliberMind,outlined how to connect campaigns to pipeline so you can confidently answer questions about the revenue impact of marketing campaigns.

B2B Funnel Fundamentals Certification

funnel fundamentals certificate

New to B2B? Unfamiliar with why funnels are used or how to use them? This course is for you! Cathy Funderburg, our Enablement Guru, will be kicking off this certification live through Zoom on November 9th. You’ll be given access to an on-demand learning series that ends with a certification test.

Funnel Fiascos! What Not To Do (& How To Fix It)

Event Image for Funnel Fiascos with RevOps

The sales and marketing funnel is a simple concept that’s easy to visualize and understand, but it’s not easy to implement for B2B businesses. Marketing automation platforms focus on people, sales focuses on opportunities, and blending the two can be a mess.

Marketing Data in Times of Uncertainty

Analytics in Downturn event graphic

We’ve seen two extremes: people who think it’s possible to measure and analyze everything in marketing and people who think gut is good enough. Right now, doing nothing is a career risk, but trying to measure everything is just impossible.

In a downturn, marketing is always the first to feel the budget belt tighten. What can we do with the data we do have to build a business case for marketing? And why have marketing analytics fallen short in the past?

How to Delight the Board

Delighting the Board

The keys to a good presentation are brevity, certainty, and understanding what your audience cares about. Listen in as our expert panel discusses what the board wants and how marketers should think about presenting their data.