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a Roundtable with MarketingOps.com

From DIY to ROI: Measuring the Impact of Your Custom Attribution Model

If you’ve invested time and effort crafting a DIY attribution model, it’s essential to know how well it’s truly performing to meet your specific business needs. This live session will guide you through the process of evaluating the effectiveness of your attribution model and ensuring it aligns with your revenue goals. Join a panel of revenue operations experts who will provide invaluable insights, real-world examples, and actionable strategies for assessing your attribution model’s impact. Here’s what you can expect: Expert Panel: Our seasoned experts will share their in-depth knowledge and experiences in the field of revenue operations, shedding light on best practices and common pitfalls when it comes to self-built attribution models. Customized Assessment: Learn how to tailor your evaluation process to align with your unique business needs. We’ll explore the key performance indicators and metrics that matter most to you. Benchmarking Your Model: Discover how to benchmark your model against industry standards and competitors, ensuring your attribution approach stands out in a crowded marketplace. Data-Driven Decision-Making: Dive into the power of data analytics to make informed decisions about your marketing strategies. Understand how to leverage your attribution data to drive revenue growth. Whether you’re just beginning your journey with self-built attribution models or looking to fine-tune an existing one, “From DIY to ROI” will equip you with the knowledge and tools to assess, improve, and optimize your custom attribution model for maximum impact on your revenue.
Why Watch?

You'll Learn...

Why Attribution Has Failed

Hear why marketers who have tried and failed have...well...failed at rolling out attribution.

When It Works

Attribution isn't fake. It can work. And you don't need to take our word for it. Our panel will share use cases where their customers have succeeded.

Actionable Advice

Hear what you can do today to set your own company up for a successful rollout - or use our tips to fix the implementation you already have.

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