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DIY B2B Attribution: How to Troubleshoot Multi-Touch Attribution

You’ve done the hard work of figuring out how marketing leadership wants to use attribution, fixed a bunch of old data, and put a model in place. And yet. No one seems to be using your reports. Hear from some of the top experts in the attribution space to talk through what commonly goes wrong and – more importantly – how to fix it.
Why Watch?

You'll Learn...

Why Attribution Has Failed

Hear why marketers who have tried and failed have...well...failed at rolling out attribution.

When It Works

Attribution isn't fake. It can work. And you don't need to take our word for it. Our panel will share use cases where their customers have succeeded.

Actionable Advice

Hear what you can do today to set your own company up for a successful rollout - or use our tips to fix the implementation you already have.

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