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Fall 2022 Events

Marketing Data in Times of Uncertainty

We’ve seen two extremes: people who think it’s possible to measure and analyze everything in marketing and people who think gut is good enough. Right now, doing nothing is a career risk, but trying to measure everything is just impossible. In a downturn, marketing is always the first to feel the budget belt tighten. What can we do with the data we do have to build a business case for marketing? And why have marketing analytics fallen short in the past?
Analytics in Downturn event graphic
Why Watch?

You'll Learn...

Why Attribution Has Failed

Hear why marketers who have tried and failed have...well...failed at rolling out attribution.

When It Works

Attribution isn't fake. It can work. And you don't need to take our word for it. Our panel will share use cases where their customers have succeeded.

Actionable Advice

Hear what you can do today to set your own company up for a successful rollout - or use our tips to fix the implementation you already have.

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