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Make smart decisions with the predictive power of Machine Learning

We use your marketing data to train deep analytics algorithms, enabling the CaliberMind Marketing Decision Engine to make predictions – pretty cool, huh?

In other words, no more staring at spreadsheets, hoping for an answer.

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How Machine Learning works


Large and diverse datasets fuel machine learning models - the bigger, the better.


Advanced algorithms to analyze and learn from the data, fine-tuning models for accurate predictions and decisions.


Trained models into CaliberMind, enabling continuous analysis of incoming data, to make predictions, and drive intelligent decisions.

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Machine Learning and the CaliberMind Marketing Decision Engine

Mine your marketing data to define your ideal customer and their ideal buyer journey

Markov Chains

We love Markov Chains because they help our customers understand the most important steps to score (and optimize) in the buyer’s journey

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Seeing is believing.
Experience the difference.

We totally get it – past letdowns can spark doubts. We’d love to show you the engine in action so you can witness remarkable differences yourself.