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Introducing Marketing Qualified Accounts

According to Gartner, the average complex B2B solution sale involves 6-10 decision-makers. So why are we still trying to measure intent at the contact/Individual level? At CaliberMind, we decided to try something new. Let’s stop the insanity with a new way to qualify accounts.

MQA vs Traditional Lead Scoring Mock 1

What's In The MQA Guide

Why Lead Scoring Doesn't Work

Because CRM systems split up person data across two, unconnected tables (leads and contacts), it’s really hard to figure out whether someone is highly engaged.

There's a Better Way to Score

With a clean data set and the right technology, you can look at engagement scoring across the entire account. This is great news if you deal with a buyer committee!

How We're Using It to Drive Results

If you know which account has the right people engaged sooner, you can accelerate your sales cycle. In fact, we’re seeing deals spring up in sales 3-4 weeks earlier.

How Does It All Work?

We’ll give you real-world use cases to illustrate why the MQA measurement is better for B2B businesses and how to act on what it uncovers.

Get the MQA Guide

Download the expert guide to get the details on a better way to score engagement.