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April 2022 CaliberMind Product Update

Posted April 26, 2022
Company based engagement

We are constantly cooking up new ways to make CaliberMind more user-friendly. To learn how to use these new features, continue reading. If you would like to request a demo, of the latest and greatest CaliberMind has to offer, click here.


It’s The Little Things in Life

As part of our mission to constantly iterate and improve, we’ve released some features to make being an Admin in CaliberMind a bit easier.


1. Configuration screens anywhere in the Settings (Cog) area or when building a List that references CaliberMind fields now display a field definition once the field is selected.


opportunity filter


2. When using a configuration screen anywhere in the Settings (Cog) area of CaliberMind or when you are creating a List, picklist values will auto-display when you use the “equals,” “does not equal,” “is in list,” or “is not in list” operators.



3. When in any configuration screen (including Lists) and using the “is in list” or “is not in list” operators, you are able to select multiple values from the picklist at one time.



Multiple Engagement Models

During the week of May 2nd, we’re releasing an update that will delight those of you who dream of dialing in your engagement models by customer type (net new vs. expansion), product lines, or business units. You can even create a parallel engagement model to run a comparison to see which model performs better!


For a video how-to, check out our knowledge base article.


Engagement Scores Are Going Linear

linear engagement


Historically, we’ve used a stepped calculation to maintain incremental scores at steady intervals throughout your inbound scoring models. We are switching to an industry standard linear decay. During the week of May 2nd, models will begin to decay after day one using a linear formula. This will make it possible to compare time periods using like-for-like data rather than solely relying on raw (unweighted) scores. For more on how linear models work, check out our knowledge base article.


Lists – The Next Iteration



Segments are lists using point and click logic. On May 2nd, we’re moving Segments under the “List” CaliberMind Tab. We’re improving the point and click functionality, allowing you to select which lists you want to use to filter reports, and adding a tagging feature to make lists easier to find. Check out our handy-dandy article and video tutorials on creating lists.

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