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CaliberMind Announces a New B2B Funnel Module to Track Key KPIs & Trends

Posted October 19, 2022
CaliberMind B2B Funnel Announcement

Account-Based Insights to Help Go-To-Market Teams Know What to Do Next

CaliberMind’s mission is to help revenue leaders become visionary leaders by equipping them with the data, insights, and workflow automation needed to scale revenue faster. Our team jumped into the deep end of the pool first, tackling multi-touch attribution–however, many of our customers were asking for something different:

They wanted to know which activities were engaging buyers at each stage of the funnel.

Why Funnels Haven’t Worked Well for B2B

Demand waterfall funnels have been around for over 20 years for good reason. They’re easy to explain and visualize. Logically, the faster we attract people and convert them through each stage of the business, the quicker we scale our business. Unfortunately, the concept is difficult to execute for B2B companies.

In a recent survey hosted by CaliberMind, a high percentage (48%) of respondents said the main problem they were looking to solve when implementing their funnel was to evaluate how efficient their marketing and sales processes were. However, the fact that marketing platforms aggregate data by person (the leading marketing automation system doesn’t even have the concept of an account or company object) and sales sells to buyer committees or accounts makes it difficult to get everyone on the same page.

The Problem:


When asked what makes funnels difficult to build, around 20% of respondents for each category claimed that the following was the most difficult aspect of figuring out funnels:

  • Figuring out how to capture signals at the account level without repetition
  • Getting lead and contact data consolidated at the account level is difficult & our data is messy
  • Not all of the data we want to track is housed in our CRM
  • We want to capture every step of the buyer journey and not just activity associated with a single stage

Only 10% expressed frustration with their dependence on “correct” data entry by sales. (We were honestly surprised the number wasn’t higher.)


Why CaliberMind Is Different

CaliberMind’s Funnels are purpose-built for B2B organizations and blends data from every sales and marketing touchpoint so that you can focus on delighting your prospects, improving your success rate, and defending your marketing investment. The new funnel module looks at both sales and marketing data and aggregates key benchmarks at the account level for one go-to-market view. 

This infrastructure removes the dependence on sales choosing the “correct” contact to create an opportunity, eliminates redundancy at the account level, and considers data beyond your CRM. In other words, we’ve worked very hard to eliminate the issues raised in our recent survey. Now you can see which activities work at each point in the buyer journey, not just your volume of leads or MQLs.

The Solution:


“We want to empower and equip revenue leaders to become visionary leaders in the workplace. They often have crucial data first but need the right tool to harness that information to identify trends before the rest of the market knows they’re happening. Our funnel allows you to leave your system configured exactly as it is today – optimized for people engaging with your brand and flagging them to sales – while providing you with account-based funnel insights your business needs to predict gaps in pipeline and bookings or identify friction points in the buyer journey,” said Eric Westerkamp, CEO of CaliberMind.


To put it succinctly, CaliberMind: 

Doesn’t assume anything 

We fix common issues with your data–such as duplicate records and mismatched lead records–before analyzing your data and acting on it.

Looks for Account-Based Signals 

We look across the account to determine the furthest point your buyer committee has reached in the sales journey. This helps you streamline reporting and align your go-to-market teams using commonsense KPIs.

Creates Event-Based Triggers with Process Automation & System Integration  

CaliberMind organizes your data in a way that keeps everyone focused on alignment and velocity, rather than credit and accuracy. We’re completely transparent about how we calculate the journey and provide you with visuals so you can easily see which campaigns or tactics work at each stage.

Supports Multiple Funnels 

Have as many funnels as you’d like for a small fee! Measure and analyze different business units or products that create different behaviors in your target audiences. At CaliberMind, we use a different funnel for upsells versus new business. 

Automate & Activate

Access and use your data how and when you want. We’ve helped you identify stalled accounts by stage. Why not push them as an advertising audience to LinkedIn? We also support pushing your data back into your CRM to automate follow-up by the sales team.

“A big sticking point between marketing and sales is that we use different metrics to gauge whether or not go-to-market efforts are working. Because CaliberMind offers a platform that connects to your key go-to-market tools and organizes the data by person and account, it makes sense that their next move is to help operations teams implement funnels. CaliberMind’s approach will help organizations have clearer insights in a fraction of the time it takes to build it in-house,” said Jess Bahr, CaliberMind Advisor and Head of Performance Marketing at Metadata.io.

For more information on CaliberMind’s Funnel, visit here or request a demo.

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