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CaliberMind July Product Update: New Dashboards, Custom Scoring, and Connectors

Posted July 11, 2019
calibermind product update july

I hope you are enjoying summer! Our July CaliberMind product update is packed with new features requested by our customers, as well as tips and tricks on how to use CaliberMind to become a better performance marketer.


Learn how to build powerful dashboards for key stakeholders, search and report on key account activity and campaign performance, enrich domains and contacts, and build custom account scoring models to measure account management across channels.


This month we are also proud to announce that CaliberMind is named a Strong Performer in Forrester’s new B2B CDP Wave report! Read why you should care below.


Happy Summer,



Bundle Marketing Reports into Dashboards for Stakeholders 

You can now bundle multiple marketing reports into a strategic dashboard that you can then share with specific stakeholders or functional teams by sharing the direct URL.


This is great for when you want to share high-level revenue/ ROI information with your CMO/ CFO/ CEO for example, or when you want to create functional dashboards for the Demand/ ABM/ Paid/ Events or Content team.


In the example below, we’ve created a high-level CEO dashboard from two key reports:

  1. Campaign ROI
  2. Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


Some of our customers are also using Dashboards to measure and reports on specific sales teams account performance (e.g. by territory).

For a step-by-step guide on how to create and share Dashboards in CaliberMind, please see our knowledge base. If you have specific reports or dashboards that you want to build, our Customer Success team is always happy to help you put it together. 


Prioritize & Score Accounts for Sales with New Custom Scoring

In the past we wrote about why your lead scoring sucks, and how to move from lead to account scoring to better prioritize accounts for your sales team.

CaliberMind features a very powerful account scoring system that factors account and contact data (Fit), website, content and email behavior data (Engagement), and even intent data via our third party data providers (Aberdeen, Bombora and others).

Accounts scored in CaliberMind sync to your CRM so your sales team can get their account scoring dashboard without ever leaving Salesforce!



The magic happens in CaliberMind by blending your data sources. YOU have control on which levers to pull and which fields to map over to your sales team. Just navigate to:

Data Manager -> Scoring 


And create a new ABM scoring model. You can also score specific segments (also known as lists) with customer scoring logic to build trust with sales!


Enrich Domains & Contacts with Our New FullContact Connector 

This month, our data enrichment partner FullContact introduced multi-field enrichment and real-time identity resolution via their API.


CaliberMind has the FullContact built-in connector that allows you to auto-enrich domains (for unified account IDs) and contacts with emails.


Enriching domains and contacts in CaliberMind vs. in your CRM allows you to create unified profiles via multi-source enrichment from Clearbit, FullContact, Zoom Info, and other data providers. Our typical customers are actually layering in data from 3-5 different data providers to maximize match rate, increase account coverage and save on data enrichment cost.



Global Search for Accounts and Campaigns

Searching and reporting on specific accounts activity and campaign performance is now easier than ever with a new and powerful search functionality.


Simply type in the name of the account or campaign, and CaliberMind pulls all the search results together for you to track and report on. 


See how it works here!



CaliberMind Named Strong Performer on Forrester’s New B2B CDP Report – Here is Why You Should Care 

Since you are a customer of CaliberMind, you are already using a B2B Customer Data Platform to solve cross-channel marketing problems such as Attribution, ABM, reporting on revenue, marketing ROI, etc.


Last month, Forrester published the first B2B CDP Wave report, and we are proud to be named a Strong Performer! Forrester predicts that more than 70% of B2B marketers will choose CDPs over data lakes.

Read all about it here, why it matters, why you should care, and how B2B marketing orgs are using B2B CDPs to save analyst hours, increase campaign conversion rate and save over marketing spend.



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