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Introducing B2B Marketing-Analytics-as-a-Service

Posted March 7, 2019


Today, we’re excited to announce our Marketing-Analytics-as-a-Service for marketers looking to optimze revenue.


At CaliberMind we enable B2B mid-market enterprises to leverage customer data from any source to become revenue marketers using ABM, Attribution, Funnel Analysis and other marketing strategies. To that end, we want marketers to engage with us in a manner that will grow revenue faster for their business. We want to remove the chance of failure for marketers engaging with us. There is only one problem, people.


You see, it’s not the amount of your marketing data that matters, it’s knowing what to do with the data you have. As an analogy, consider that any celebrity chef could pull together an amazing feast with a half dozen ingredients and a few spices. Yet someone without the necessary culinary skills could have an infinite array of ingredients and the best cooking technologies available today, and they might not be able to make a single edible dish. The key is knowing what to do with what you have. Certainly, the quality of the food — like the quality of your marketing data — matters. But you also need a marketing analyst unicorn who knows how to cook.


You need an expert on staff who is able to turn the marketing data you do have into actionable insights. If you don’t have one of these marketing analyst “unicorns” on staff (most B2B mid-market orgs don’t), then all the sexy data in the world is of nominal use.


Still, doing marketing analytics may not be for you. According to a recent Ascend2 study, 93% of B2B marketers outsource all or part of marketing data management and analytics, some are seeing a return of 2-3 times their investment. That kind of ROI can be huge, particularly when many B2B marketers are finding additional dollars in their marketing budgets hard to come. If you can deliver concrete, provable ROI that exceeds your total budget, then you will likely be granted more to spend, not less. Imagine that! That’s the power of B2B marketing analytics; it takes the guesswork out of marketing — from targeting to ROI — turning it from something akin to alchemy into something that more closely mirrors actual science.


At CaliberMind we understand that implementing marketing analytics solutions can be difficult at times, and that hiring and retaining a full time marketing analyst is one of the most difficult positions to hire for in the marketing organization.


So today we announced Marketing-Analytics-as-a-Service (MaaS) to solve this problem. Simply put, MaaS eliminates most of the reasons B2B marketers could perhaps fail with their marketing data strategy. It puts people, strategy and execution BEFORE software.


Marketing data, in its most simple form, is about people. What we seek to learn about people, how we seek to engage them, and how we hope to adapt our businesses to them.


Our Approach to B2B Marketing Analytics

Our team of marketing ops, marketing analysts and data scientists has been operating on the intersection of data and marketing for over a decade now, and unlike most B2B agencies that employ system operators who specialize/ certified on specific systems (Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua etc’) our team is platform agnostic, taking a more holistic approach to your marketing data and analytics.


We start with the end in mind and your marketing KPIs. Everything we do is optimized for revenue, no matter your marketing strategy, be it inbound, outbound, Demand Generation or ABM. We can integrate data across siloed tools, automate dashboards for your marketing and sales teams, accommodate for custom data objects and attribution model and automate complex workflows to score accounts for engagement, fix Salesforce records, enrich data, segment marketing automation campaigns and more.


We offer fractional and full-time marketing analysts with previous marketing experience from Fortune 500 companies, and cross functional expertise in CRM, MAP, web analytics, BI and datawarehouse systems.


Learn more about our new MaaS or contact us for a FREE consultation with our marketing analysts.


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