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Jan 2024 |  CaliberMind Product Updates

Posted February 5, 2024
CaliberMind Product Update for January 2024

This month’s CaliberMind updates include:

  • Major updates to CaliberMind Engagement Reporting
  • Updates on modifying Saved Filters
  • A call to action to help Beta test the new module, Answers
  • Release updates for December and January

In case you missed it...

Introducing CaliberMind Answers

In November we announced major improvements to our attribution reporting. The updates included a simplified end-user experience with more actionable visualizations, choose-your-own-adventure data storytelling, and period-over-period comparison capabilities. Click the image below to see the changes in action!

Coming Soon

Introducing CaliberMind Answers

We’re looking for volunteers to participate in Beta testing for the CaliberMind Answers module. Launched in the fall of 2023, the CaliberMind Answers module does what it implies: surfaces answers to the questions marketers have about what’s working, what’s not, and what to do next. 

Additionally, Answers is now able to push updates to Slack.  
If you’re interested in participating in the Beta, or want to get Answers updates via Slack, just reply to this note or email Andy Hopkins, CaliberMind’s Director of Product Management.

In-App ROI

Introducing CaliberMind’s upcoming In-App ROI tool, a new feature that will help you gain insights into your marketing performance. You’ll be able to choose between utilizing spend data from CaliberMind, various ad platforms, and your CRM. Alternatively, you will be able to configure your budget, allowing users to input channel-specific details. Our approach simplifies ROI comparison by campaigns or channels over time. The product also calculates Efficiency by Channel. Say goodbye to waiting for your next quarter close for ROI comparisons – our forward-looking window, configurable on the fly while viewing dashboards, recalculates instantly. Shorten the feedback loop, enabling quicker decisions on marketing investments. Upgrade your decision-making process with CaliberMind’s new In-App ROI tool, coming soon!

Monthly Roundup

Looking to catch up on previous releases? Here is a comprehensive list of our monthly updates including December And here is a round up of recent updates: 

Engagement Reporting Updates

We’re excited to announce improvements to our engagement reporting. The updates include a simplified end-user experience with more actionable visualizations, choose-your-own-adventure data storytelling, and the ability to see Weighted Scoring for engaged companies over time.

Engagement: Summary Tab

Use this if you’re a Marketing Analyst looking to analyze and monitor the engagement trends of companies over the last 30 days.

Engagement Overview: Explore Tab

Use this if you’re a Marketing Analyst seeking to conduct a comprehensive analysis of engagement data to identify patterns and trends.

Engagement Overview: Campaigns Tab

Use this if you’re a Digital Marketing Manager looking to assess the overall performance of digital marketing campaigns.

Engagement Overview: Companies Tab

Use this if you’re a Marketing Manager looking to understand how different industries engage with your brand over time.

Engagement Overview: People Tab

Use this if you’re a Sales Manager who needs to evaluate the performance of your sales team members.

Other updates

Setting Your Saved Filters for In-App Reporting

Because there are other members on your team who use CaliberMind, each user may have specific or different needs from the reports. With that in mind, CaliberMind has a search filter setting to use where you can easily configure filters based on your use case for your reporting needs. You can save these for yourself or your organization as a public filter anyone (authorized in the platform) can access. You also have the ability to make one of these Saved Filters as your default view when accessing your dashboard for at ease visibility!

We’re always rolling out new features to help support our customer’s needs! Look for our dedicated feature release emails to read more about what’s new!

Have ideas on how we can improve further, or do you need help from the CS team? Either use your dedicated Slack channel or email [email protected].


Take care,

The CaliberMind Team

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