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CaliberMind June 2020 Product Update

Posted June 10, 2020
calibermind june update

New Multi-Touch Attribution Models

By popular customer request, Contribution to Revenue Reports are now available using Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA)! This means that additional insights can now be bubbled up about early sourcing touches.


  • Quickly see which channels generate “first touch” vs other top-of-funnel touches
  • Channels like Email and Events will now shown more prominently in the mix
  • The reports are also now compatible with the “Attribution Model” filter
  • Both online and offline channels will now backfill to feature the first touch of the day, giving channels. Learn more here about how this works. 



Please provide any feedback to your Customer Success Manager, we’d love to hear from you (We will soon be sunsetting the legacy version).



Updated Channel Logic

‘Channels’ refers to inbound marketing channels which help quantify your marketing contribution to pipeline and revenue.



Based on customer feedback, we’ve recently updated our channel logic. In most cases, we can also automatically adjust the channel using our web tracking, assigning the first channel to subsequent touches for the day. This makes for a truer assignment of source.

Updates to Channel Logic:

  • Direct – No page referrer, utms, or campaign.
  • Direct-Influence – A person outside our company referred a visitor to a webpage.
  • Direct-Revisit – A “Direct” visit that occurs after an initial engagement.
  • Display Ads – pulls from cm_campaign when campaign_id matches to utms (example Google Display Ads)
  • Email – utms have “email” or visits coming from MAP click
  • Event – Tradeshows and webinars and the “first engagement” of a visit
  • Organic Search – Has a page referrer of Bing or Google
  • Organic Social – Has a utm or page referrer of Facebook or LinkedIn, but no campaign id
  • Other – Has UTMs, but do not match to a channel or campaign
  • Outbound Sales – First touch of a visit is due to a sales email. Or an opp is created with no touches.
  • Paid Search – Pulls from cm_campaign when campaign_id matches to utms (example Google Search Ads)
  • Paid Social – Pulls from cm_campaign when campaign_id matches to utms (example LinkedIn Ads)
  • Referral – An internal employee refers to a lead and adds a contact to a “Referral” campaign.
  • Syndication – A Content Syndication campaign in Salesforce




Account-to-Lead (A2L) Matching

For our customers making their first ABM baby steps, we can now support Account-to-Lead (A2L) Matching instead of Lead-to-Account (L2A) Matching as a Crawl, Walk, Run Model. Leads in CaliberMind now have account-based company_ids (if exact email domain match)

This approach requires less change management with sales. Basically, instead of auto-converting leads, CaliberMind can write information in lookup and formula fields on the Salesforce Lead Object directly.



Account-to-Lead (A2L) Matching can help you:

  • Improve scope of models
  • Expose outdated sales processes
  • Increase “known” value of marketing contribution
  • Make segmentation easier without disrupting your sales processes


In fact, sales get more visibility since they can now see leads on the Account layout page. We can also do sophisticated matching to better handle personal ISP email domains (such as gmail.com and yahoo.com)



Utilizing Our New Campaign Effectiveness Measure (BETA)

Setting funnel stages and focusing on campaign effectiveness measure allows you to take vast amounts of analytics data and distill it down so you can answer mission critical questions:

  • What is the ROI for our key spends?
  • What moves leads/accounts down our marketing funnel?
  • What do our prospects find of value and what should we remove?
  • and Lastly, do we have the proper data to be able to answer the above questions?


In this video, Misha Salkinder, our Head of Revenue Ops and Insights at CaliberMind, walk you through the new performance dashboard (in BETA, contact your Customer Success Manager for access).

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