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March 2024 |  CaliberMind Product Updates

Posted April 10, 2024
March 2024 Product Updates

This month’s CaliberMind updates include:

  • Feature updates to Funnels
  • Widget updates for Analytics and Search Reports
  • Updates to ROI Reporting
  • Announcing CaliberMind Answers
  • Proving Marketing Works
  • What Every B2B Marketing Website Gets Wrong

Monthly Roundup

Funnels Feature Updates

We’re introducing a brand new interface and set of reports for Funnels, providing valuable insights into your funnel’s performance and journey progression. With the help of new concepts like “converting events” and visualizations such as the Progression Chart and Impact by Stage Table, you can now uncover the most effective paths and events that drive journeys through your funnel, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your marketing efforts.

Widget Updates – Analytics and Search Reports

Our Data Tables are getting an update in our reporting. Now you’ll be able to export the table you are viewing to CSV.

Admin users can now export the SQL powering our widgets. If you like our reports and want to use the same logic for your internal reporting tool you can now click the Copy SQL Icon.

Updates to ROI Reporting

CaliberMind’s new Channel ROI tool enables marketers to create a top down approach to calculating the ROI of their entire budget. CaliberMind matches marketing activity to the appropriate channel spend. Giving Marketers the ability to see how each channel is performing, and what their true ROI is.

CaliberMind’s Brand New ROI report has been completely reimagined from the ground up to provide insights, and answer questions that were previously difficult to resolve. The newest ROI report simplifies historical ROI analysis and surfaces real-time, actionable insights for optimizing budgets across marketing channels and campaigns.

Full update here.

Custom SQL

All of our customers are unique, some more so than others. To support these customizations and allow technical users the ability to see their custom-SQL-based data transformations, we’ve added a new Custom SQL section under the Object Manager section. Here, you can view the live, custom SQL that is currently being used in your data pipeline.


CaliberMind has been hard at work trying to solve a problem that we’ve heard from pretty much everyone we’ve spoken to. Getting Insights out of Dashboards is just not easy. CaliberMind Answers those tricky questions by putting the Insights your organization needs in the hands of the person that needs them using the systems they’re already accustomed to.

We’re always rolling out new features to help support our customer’s needs! Look for our dedicated feature release emails to read more about what’s new!

Have ideas on how we can improve further, or do you need help from the CS team? Either use your dedicated Slack channel or email [email protected].


Take care,

The CaliberMind Team

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