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May 2024 |  CaliberMind Product Updates

Posted June 11, 2024
CaliberMind product updates May 2024

This month’s CaliberMind updates include:

  • AI-Driven summaries for Account-Level Engagement, Funnel Stage Analyzer, Sandbox for CaliberMind, and other enhancements to analytics reporting have been completed in May
  • New Funnel Tabs for Cohorts and Journeys are coming soon
  • What is the right ABM strategy + How to tell if your Board of Directors is trying to sabotage marketing and what to do about it

Monthly Roundup

Quickly identify key events in the Journey with the AI Summary for Account-Level Engagement

It takes time to look through an event stream and find the hidden path. The Account Engagement AI Summary allows you to see who the Buyer Group is, what campaigns have been the most important, and what the key events in this company’s journey have been so you can identify what sales and marketing activities to focus on. Keep an eye out for a more detailed communication on this exciting and in-demand feature over the next few days.

AI Engagement Summary

Identify impactful tactics with Funnel Stage Analyzer

Our latest upgrade to the Funnels Reporting Hub is our new Stage Analyzer. This is the one we’ve all been waiting for! CaliberMind has a unique ability when it comes to analyzing Funnel behavior due to our unified event stream. We can tell which events are having the most positive impact in a given stage whether those events are most helpful as the first thing that happens or the last thing that happens. If you’re being pressured to cut costs and need to know which tactics are the most effective and which aren’t moving the needle, this report can help you figure out how to maintain pipeline creation with a reduced budget.

Safely make changes with a new CaliberMind Sandbox

Making changes to your data pipeline logic can create unexpected results. When your business uses CaliberMind data for day to day operations, this can create risk. CaliberMind’s new Sandbox feature allows you to take the guesswork out of your logic changes. If you’re interested in purchasing a Sandbox tell your Customer Success Representative today!

Analytics reporting enhancements

We’ve recently introduced some new links in our Attribution and Engagement Analytics reporting. These links allow you to see the Companies, People, Opportunities and Events that are being numerically represented in the reporting. This allows you to take action at an individual level instead of only looking at the higher level aggregate, that you can currently see. Currently applied filters will be used to allow you to see those individual objects by name.

Coming Soon

Funnels Cohorts

When comparing group behavior, the Cohort tab is your best bet. You can choose to Cohort based on time, or based on Journey metadata, like Industry, Role or region. As usual, we’ve given you lots of options to segment your Journeys and see what’s working best in each stage of the Funnel.

Funnel Journeys

Now that you know which Journeys you want to investigate head over to the Journeys tab. There will be lots of places to link from to get here, or you can select the tab itself. The Journeys tab will show you the data behind the numbers and allow you to dive into a specific Journey to learn more.

We’re always rolling out new features to help support our customer’s needs! Look for our dedicated feature release emails to read more about what’s new!

Have ideas on how we can improve further, or do you need help from the CS team? Either use your dedicated Slack channel or email [email protected].


Take care,

The CaliberMind Team

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