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Oct 2023 |  CaliberMind Product Updates

Posted October 29, 2023

This month’s CaliberMind updates include:

  • A call to action to help Alpha test new module, Answers
  • Enhanced Engagement Reporting
  • Release updates for October
  • A recording for marketers ad ops folks on how to prove that marketing tactics are “working” effectively

Coming Soon

Introducing CaliberMind Answers

— arriving fall 2023

Attribution is a great scorekeeper – but it can’t help us understand what to do next. AI will help B2B marketers make decisions, answering the question that Attribution can’t. Launching in the fall of 2023, the CaliberMind Answers module will do just that: surface answers to the questions marketers have about what’s working, what’s not, and what to do next. 

We’re looking for volunteers to participate in Alpha testing for the CaliberMind Answers module. The Alpha version allows customers to create prompts that mine CaliberMind attribution, engagement, and funnel data. If you’re interested in participating, just reply to this note or email Andy Hopkins, CaliberMind’s Director of Product Management.

Learn more to see how CaliberMind is taking Attribution to the next level.

Enhanced Attribution Reporting

  • Significantly cleaner user experience design
  • More actionable insights via updated dashboards
  • Data explore paths that allow you to choose your own adventure for engagement reporting. For example, you can back into the reporting via company region, tier or industry. Especially useful when identifying which prospects to target.
  • Period-over-period reporting so you can compare which campaigns are more successful across specific industries.

Monthly Roundup

Looking to catch up on previous releases? Here is a comprehensive list of our monthly updates including September. And here is a round up of recent updates:

Setting Your Saved Filters for In-App Reporting

Because there are other members on your team who use CaliberMind, each user may have specific or different needs from the reports. With that in mind, CaliberMind has created the saved filter setting. The setting allows you to save these for yourself or your organization as a public filter anyone (authorized in the platform) can access. You also have the ability to make one of these Saved Filters as your default view when accessing your dashboard for at ease visibility!

Thought Leadership

Proving Marketing “Works”

Watch our latest panel with RevOps Co-op to learn why so many CMOs struggle with metrics and data-driven credibility, what CMOs need to be considered “legit” revenue contributors, and get pro-tips for teaching senior leadership so your CMO succeeds in the boardroom.


More updates will be rolled out on a monthly and as-needed basis!


Have ideas on how we can improve further, or do you need help from the CS team? Either use your dedicated Slack channel or email [email protected].


Take care,

The CaliberMind Team

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