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Marketing Report Builder – First Look

Posted October 29, 2020
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CaliberMind is proud to announce our partnership with Sisense has resulted in new self-service analytics and report building capabilities.


This month, I’m super psyched to give you a first look at our revamped Attribution Dashboard powered by Sisense!


Attribution is organized in easy to use, easy to understand screens. A high-level summary report shows you Sourced vs. Influenced pipeline and Revenue dollars. From there, you can easily view Attribution:


  • By Channel
  • By Campaign Type
  • By Campaign 
  • By Company 
  • By Program*


* Attribution by program is a feature of CaliberMind – it enables you to group campaigns into a program. For example all of your ABM campaigns – regardless of type or channel – could be grouped together so you can see the effectiveness across channels/ campaigns/ type.


A quick filter lets you drill down based on Opportunity Created or Opportunity Closed date, and you can always aggregate the results by quarters, months, weeks, or days.



You can drill down and view individual campaign details:



In addition, our new report builder comes with powerful new sharing capabilities so you can:


  1. Download a PDF
  2. Share via URL
  3. Email one-time or schedule a recurring email
  4. Embed in Salesforce 



Pulse Alerts

Dashboards and Reports are great – but many times all you want to know is when certain KPI’s are trending either up or down. You may want to understand when a core metric suddenly changes its trajectory.


Pulse alerts were created just for this purpose. 


Imagine you are running a new campaign. You would like to know when it has reached a certain attribution threshold. With Pulse Alerts you would just open the campaign, look at the Pipeline Sourced Attribution metric, and set up a Pulse alert on it. Tie the alert to an email, Slack, or other notification source.  


As soon as that campaign reaches the threshold, you will be immediately notified. 



You can also create alerts to notify you when certain thresholds are met or anomalies in your marketing performance are detected–for example, if a specific campaign is under or over performing. CaliberMind’s Pulse provides you with access to your most important marketing insights and notifies you when to take action.


How Efficient is Your Revenue Acquisition Funnel?


Have you ever wondered how efficient your revenue acquisition funnel is? In other words, for every dollar that you spend on marketing, what do you get back in engagement? in MQA? in Opportunities? How about revenue? Based on popular demand, we have a new report for that under the Marketing Performance dashboard! 


The new Revenue Cohort report will tell you: 


  • Cost per Engagement 
  • Cost per MQA
  • Cost per Opportunity
  • Cost per Closed/ Won

All data points are relative to your marketing spend (campaign cost data required via CRM and/or ad platforms). 



Stay Awake. Make an Impact (and Be Kind).

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