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October 2022 CaliberMind Product Update

Posted October 18, 2022
Funnels Mockup Dashboard

A New Product

Funnel Graphic

B2B Funnels Are Here!         

The CaliberMind team has been busy creating configurable B2B Funnels and we’re announcing the launch next week. This new feature means you can create buyer journey stages specific to a segment of your target accounts, net new business, and/or expansion buyer journeys–and more. We’ve been using the tool internally, and funnel trend analytics were instrumental in helping us spot the market downturn before it was officially discussed–which means we had months to pivot and adjust our strategy before other companies began responding.

Right now, funnels are ready for Salesforce customers. Check out our product page for a video on how we spotted market weaknesses and adjusted our go-to-market plan. Click here to schedule a demo with Camela Thompson, our VP of Marketing.



Product Update



Custom Campaigns

In CaliberMind, the concept of campaigns expands well beyond what is traditionally captured in your marketing automation system or CRM. We use them to group sales activities like email sequence responses and meetings or web page visits under a navigation slug or subdomain. Now you can access the ability to identify groups of events as a campaign using configuration under the Settings cog -> Campaigns -> Custom Campaigns.


Custom Programs

Programs are used to group subsets of campaigns and are generally configured in your CRM as a parent campaign. But some companies use naming conventions or custom fields to group their campaigns in their CRM while others would like to group custom campaigns that aren’t captured in their CRM or marketing automation system. Today you now can create Programs or Buckets to group campaigns with another feature coming soon to allow you to specify logic to group non-traditional or custom campaigns.

🚨Report Deprecation | Funnel Snapshots🚨

To reduce ambiguity, the legacy report in our original CaliberMind App called “Funnel Snapshot” is being deprecated. The new funnel package will have multiple configurable features and customer-approved reports. We’re extremely excited about the Funnel Launch and hope you are too!



Coming Soon

Funnels for Dynamics

Want funnels but frustrated that we only support Salesforce? We hear you and are planning to offer support for Dynamics soon.

ROI Dashboards

To increase parity between our traditional CaliberMind app and Insights, we will soon be rolling out a Campaign ROI set of dashboard templates. This set of dashboards will provide you with the same functionality you have today in our traditional ROAS reports with the added ability to analyze any campaign in CaliberMind, rather than just advertising-based campaigns.

Program Logic

Now that we’ve rolled out the ability to group non-traditional campaign events as a Custom Campaign in CaliberMind and the ability to create buckets or Programs under which to group any Campaign (traditional or otherwise), we’re working on a simple configuration screen that allows you to use logic to assign those campaigns to a program. In other words, if you campaign name has a specific text string or type you’d like to include in a Program, you’ll be able to set it up without waiting for the support team.

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