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Revenue Analytics & Attribution Done Right

Posted October 3, 2018
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High-growth, revenue-focused marketers come to us with the same challenges over and over again (and I’ve been wrestling with these my entire career):


  • We want a way to streamline executive-level marketing insights
  • We want to free-up limited technical resources and ops budget
  • We want to help manage an exponentially growing, fragmented dataset


Until now, there hasn’t been a B2B solution that can address these every day challenges faced by marketing ops professionals.


So, you’ve tried:

  • To build a solution internally, or in your CRM… but have issues maintaining it
  • To use BI tools… but have resource bottlenecks and poor underlying data
  • To implement point tools… but have quickly maxed out your tech budget or tools’ capabilities

If you’ve tried any of the above, we want you to join us in the next chapter of Marketing Technology, #UnMarTech. We think we have the killer app that fixes most of what’s wrong with today’s “franken-stack”. Instead of cobbling 10s of “point solutions” together, each tied to a rigid and expensive annual contract, we decided to offer a low-risk, long-term data strategy to close the gaps that plague performance marketers. We’re swimming against the pack and betting on even more consolidation in MarTech, that’s #UnMarTech.


We offer a 3-part solution in the cloud:


(1) flexible storage and warehouse marketing data +

(2) intelligent, no-code workflows +

(3) unified revenue analytics to prove marketing impact on revenue **NEW**


With help from a world-class engineering team, along with product feedback from our AMAZING CUSTOMERS, we announce today the completion in the last piece in the holy trinity– easy-to-use, self-service, meaningful reports for marketers.



Some analysts call a solution with these three components together a Customer Data Platform. When building our “CDP”, we took a unique approach and focused on an open data model (with B2B use cases in mind) so marketers can utilize any data source or system customization that’s preventing them from delivering optimal results.



(1) If you don’t have marketing data pipelines and a warehouse, we provide:

  • Open, flexible data model to accommodate any tools or key data sets
  • Pre-built integrations to seamlessly sync standard and custom objects from popular marketing tools such as Marketo, Salesforce, and Google Sheets
  • Support of raw data streams from APIs (JSON)
  • Data snapshots, unlimited history tracking for trending
  • List-builders, allowing even non-technical users, to work as analysts

(2) If you don’t have scalable workflows, you now can:

  • Trigger processes in core operation systems
  • Clean, blend, and merge data to drive efficiency
  • Activate segmentation and customer experiences

(3) If you don’t have interactive, self-service way to report on Revenue Marketing, multi-touch attribution, and account-level engagement, we’ll allow you to:

  • Quickly create funnels and sophisticated revenue models
  • Import best-practice reporting templates and queries, save user-generated filters
  • Use our native reports, or allow your data scientists and analysts to write SQL on the CaliberMind data lake (hosted in AWS)
  • If you’re a business user, simply ask questions, get answers.


After months of beta-testing and product feedback, we are psyched to announce the commercial release of Revenue Analytics & Attribution. Think of CaliberMind as a Swiss Army Knife for revenue marketing operations. We’ve taken all the best ideas from our marketing operations mentors and peers over the years, and combined them into a single-unified platform. Now you can operationalize core workflows and get insights in hours (not years). Can you believe it? A beta customer said they’d spent over a $1MM dollars and 3 years trying to build something similar, before discovering us.


The future of marketing technology for data workers is to read, pivot and ultimately act on data in one console. Our user-friendly interface writes code for you allowing any savvy marketer to quickly replicate the popular workflows found in point tools such as lead-to-account matching, deduplication, campaign membership, lead enrichment, lead routing, account scoring, territory management and more.


We built CaliberMind to help good teams be great. Try us out for free and let us prove it to you.