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Speed to Insights | CaliberMind March 2020

Posted March 19, 2020
speed to insights

In the last few weeks, the world has suddenly found itself in uncertain times. We are in uncharted waters, where speed to marketing answers and agility matter more than ever.


Because unfortunately,  JPMorgan officially forecasts a coronavirus-driven recession will rock the US and Europe by July.


“During a recession or economic downturn, many companies tighten the purse strings. And where’s the first place they usually cut back? Marketing budgets. But a recession can present opportunities for well-prepared, insights-driven marketers to master the turmoil and gain market share.”


Here at CaliberMind, our team of B2B marketing leaders, product developers, marketing ops and marketing analysts are working hard to help you turn raw marketing data into actionable insights.


Our mission is to bring resiliency to modern B2B marketing organizations in volatile times.


Marketing Insights for VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity)

In these uncertain times, candidly, we can’t afford to waste time pulling together data from all of our different sources and spending hours trying to pull insights out of analytics.


We need to make decisions quickly and with agility.


If you could pull all data together in one click, then cleanse, de-dupe, enrich and organize it automatically, and roll it up to your dream marketing dashboard… you’d be able to allocate more time to answering these burning marketing questions faster:

  • Who are our top accounts engaged? 
  • What are the top channels and campaigns driving engagement, pipeline and revenue?
  • Is marketing sourced pipeline and revenue up or down? Week over Week, Month over Month.
  • What are some of the marketing influenced opportunities that sales is working on?


Introducing CaliberMind Insights

CaliberMind Insights was designed with one goal in mind – help B2B marketers prove and improve their impact on pipeline and revenue. It connects directly to your CaliberMind unified data (CRM, Map, Web Analytics, ad platforms, etc.) and refreshes regularly.


Instead of browsing through multiple reports, you get a one page marketing performance summary that includes four pre-selected segments. Each segment shows a unique facet of your revenue marketing:

  1. Engaged -> Qualified (Marketing Qualified Accounts)
  2. Qualified -> Pipe (Opps)
  3. Pipe -> Revenue (Closed/Won)
  4. Revenue ->


We’ve attempted to choose the best dimensions and, for those dimensions, the best possible metrics based on feedback from our existing customers. In other words, we’ve done the hard work on your behalf to pick the dimensions and critical few metrics that will illuminate your complete revenue marketing performance.

  • Top Engaged Accounts
  • Top Qualified Accounts
  • Top Sourced & Influenced Opportunities
  • Top Deals Influenced by Marketing
  • Top Channels, Campaigns and Campaigns Types by Stage (Engaged -> MQA, MQA -> Pipe, Pipe -> Revenue, Revenue -> Retention)



At launch you can:

  • See your revenue marketing trending over time 
  • Filter the dashboard based on stage, date and cadence (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly)
  • Understand what channels, campaigns and campaigns types are working at each stage
  • Drill-down to your existing reports such as: Engagement Trends, Account and Campaign Details, Attribution reports and Return On Ad Spend


In the next few weeks you will be able to:

  • Configure your attribution modeling
  • Configure your MQA modeling
  • Filter based on default segments
  • Expand view to account and campaign details


In Summary…

In these times, normal B2B marketing contingency plans will be put to the test. CMOs that have led their marketing organizations to win in the last recession sped their time to insights, eliminated ineffective marketing programs early, and doubled down on high ROI marketing efforts. To navigate, it’s crucial we make our marketing decisions with insights.


To help bolster preparedness, CaliberMind created CaliberMind Insights, a new app leveraging CRM, MAP, web analytics, ad platforms and other marketing data to generate, close to real-time, marketing insights on how to prove and improve the impact of marketing on pipeline and revenue.


We’re here to ensure you’re truly confident in what works and what doesn’t, so you can make the right decisions when they matter most.

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