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Updates to ROI Reporting

Posted March 19, 2024

Updates to ROI Reporting

Are you being asked to reduce expenses, but hit the same targets? Or achieve increased revenue goals with a smaller budget? This is a challenge facing many marketing organizations today.

How do you make these decisions without disrupting your most effective programs? Calculating Return on Investment (ROI) across different channels can be very difficult – especially when they are managed on different platforms. Now try to figure out your true Cost to Acquire a Customer (MCAC) and things become almost impossible – until now.

CaliberMind’s new Channel ROI tool enables marketers to create a top down approach to calculating the ROI of their entire budget. CaliberMind takes a unique approach that matches marketing activity to the appropriate channel spend. Giving Marketers the ability to see how each channel is performing, and what their true ROI is.

CaliberMind’s Brand New ROI report has been completely reimagined from the ground up to provide insights, and answer questions that were previously difficult to resolve. The newest ROI report simplifies historical ROI analysis and surfaces real-time, actionable insights for optimizing budgets across marketing channels and campaigns.

CaliberMind Customers can now easily answer questions such as:

  • What was my ROI for a given channel over the past 2 quarters?
  • How is that changing over time?
  • What’s working? What’s not?
  • What channels are improving?
    and most importantly…
  • Where should I invest my next dollar?

The New ROI User Interface

Previously, ROI calculations were limited to the cost data synced from our Advertising Connectors. Pulling this data from Ad Platforms is unwieldy and painting a complete picture of Channel cost is often a difficult task for Marketers.
For example, historically, a company spending $60,000 a year on their marketing automation platform would not be able to measure the true ROI of the email channel. CaliberMind allows you to input the cost of a company’s MAP, and can even allocate dollars for that cost in order to manage it.
You now have access to a consolidated platform to measure the ROI of marketing efforts. This eliminates the tedious process of extracting data from attribution tools, transferring it to spreadsheets, adding cost data separately, and repeating the entire process for minor filter adjustments.

A Shorter Feedback Loop

In a standard B2B attribution deployment there is often a lookback window of 365 days or longer. This means that ROI numbers can change for up to a year after the initial investment is made. Making this muddier, until a year after the investment has been made, marketers could not compare numbers fairly as numbers from different dates were likely to change, and change at different rates. By re-imagining the lookback window as a lookahead window, and building in the ability for marketers to update this window on the fly, marketers can now set shorter windows and use them to evaluate whether channels and campaigns are improving or deteriorating over time. This can all be done without having to update your lookback window for your existing attribution reports.

Want more info?

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