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What’s New in CaliberMind | September 2019

Posted September 25, 2019
product update

This month we’re excited to announce a number of new updates:


  • Strategic Partnership with ZoomInfo (formerly DiscoverOrg + ZoomInfo) that allows joint customers to close gaps you have in your marketing database

  • New Facebook Integration for Return on Ad Spend Reporting

  • Improvements to Attribution and Funnel Reports with additional drill downs, days-in-stage, and custom stages

  • New Campaign Manager (coming soon) that allows you to easily map data fields from different sources

  • Our Customer Data Platform Workshop Series coming to Denver, Boston, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle


ZoomInfo and CaliberMind Partner to Deliver a Turnkey B2B Marketing Data & Analytics Solution

A few weeks ago we announced our strategic partnership and product integration with ZoomInfo (formerly DiscoverOrg + ZoomInfo).


I always say that 3rd party data is the fuel that powers the CDP (1st party) data engine. Our B2B CDP data and analytics engine was recently named a “Strong Performer” by Forrester, and we wanted to make it even stronger by powering it with the special rocket fuel that ZoomInfo’s data has to offer!


We’ve done the technical work already. We love ZoomInfo’s APIs for the options and flexibility they give, and we’ve built a deep integration that gives customers direct access to their great account and contact data directly into CaliberMind.



Facebook Return on Ad Spend Connector

Last month we have released the ability to report on ROAS for LinkedIn. This month we have added the same functionality for Facebook (our second most popular ROAS report requested by customers!)


Of course, in order to effectively report on Return on Ad Spend, you must have accurate cost and revenue. Most online advertising platforms will track your ad spend, but it’s up to you to track your revenue.


CaliberMind is designed to help you track revenue in this manner. Using the product, you can connect all of your online marketing data (campaigns, ads, keywords, etc) to a new lead or account. Then, when that lead converts to Closed/ Won, you know exactly which marketing efforts led to the sale. Voila! You now have the revenue data you need to calculate ROAS for Facebook.





Funnel Snapshot – Drill Downs, Days-In-Stage, Custom Stages

Funnels are tricky to measure and report on since often times, leads and contacts don’t convert within the quarter they are created, so it can be hard to tie full funnel metrics together within the same quarter.


In our new ‘Funnel Snapshot’ report, you can now drill down on a list and/ or quarter and show all the related conversion points, even if the cohort started prior to the date range you’ve picked.



Following customer requests, we’ve also added ‘days-in-stage’ as a metric, to show velocity and the relationship to likelihood-to-convert. Additionally, we’ve cleaned up the data visualization, making reports easier to read, and easier for your CMO to tell a clear and consistent story to the board.


Last, we’ve added custom stages! Users can now pull any of their pre-built custom stages from their Salesforce instance into CaliberMind’s funnel reports, without any extra effort required.




Coming Soon: Easily Map Fields with Campaign Manager

Measuring the ROI and performance of marketing campaigns and channels tells a compelling story about what marketing efforts resonate the most with your audience and, in turn, generate revenue. By doing this, you can answer questions such as:


Which touch points are the most engaging for your users? Email, social, events? What campaign messaging work the best in getting them to being interested enough to speak with sales?


But, historically, the challenge has been around mapping data and fields from different sources, causing messy reporting and too many disjointed touch points.


To effectively report on attribution and tell a compelling story, we need to be able to map different campaign IDs and fields from sources (think website, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, your marketing automation and CRM platforms, etc). Our new Campaign Manager lets you  do exactly that!


For now there is still SQL required for the few brave Marketing Ops with SQL knowledge but coming soon, you will be able to do it all yourself using our visual campaign mapper.


*This feature is currently available for ninja marketing ops with some SQL chops – please contact our Customer Success team for access.




Fall Event Series: CDP Workshop

Designed for Marketing Operations and Analyst professionals, our fall CDP Event Series is centered around how the best B2B marketing teams are using new strategies to power best-in-class analytics, with a focus on Customer Data Platforms and how they solve common challenges for these roles.

Workshops are from 9am-12pm, and we’ll be voting on the top topics attendees would like to address. We’ll then deep-dive into those topics, and you’ll walk away with tactical, useful recommendations that you can actually implement in your day-to-day work.

Oct 2 – Denver, CO
Oct 8 – Boston, MA
Oct 9 – NYC, NY
Oct 22 – San Francisco CA
Oct 23 – Seattle, WA

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