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Expert Marketing Guide: Return on Ad Spend

In this exclusive guide, we explore Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) best practices, and dive deep on why top-of-funnel metrics aren’t telling the whole story. Uncover common gaps, learn how to tie ad performance all the way to pipeline and revenue, and much more.

ROAS Cover

What's In The Guide

ROI, ROAS, RO-Anything

Calculating your return is an important part of any marketing activity, and ROAS is no exception. But are marketers really getting to the right numbers?

It's Not You... It's the Tech

MAPs and CRMs just weren't built to intertwine the vast sets of data required for accurate reporting. As a result, calculations are being grossly oversimplified.

ROAS in the Modern Landscape

There are key characteristics of ROAS that most ROAS numbers don’t reflect. We'll outline what they are and how to uncover them.

A Better, More Accurate ROAS Report

Finally, let's break down the necessary data, sources, and processes for obtaining a more accurate picture of your ROAS.

Ready to Dig Deeper?

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