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B2B ANALYTICS Module: Surge Scoring

Know Which Accounts Are Ready to Buy

You have tons of signals generated by your prospects and customers. Those activities live in different systems that aren’t made to speak the same language. CaliberMind does the hard work of stitching that information together and giving you the ability to elevate those accounts to your sales team when they’re hot.

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Amplify Your Impact

B2B Questions Surge Scoring Can Answer

Which Signals Lead to Bookings?

Not all activity is created equal. Because we can see intent signals, web visits, and more - and then tie it to bookings - you can separate the tire kickers from interested buyers.

Which Accounts Are Ripe for Upselling?

Existing customers are the lowest barrier to scaling - if you know who's engaged and who isn't. CaliberMind helps elevate the top accounts based on in-product signals and more.

Which Accounts Are High Risk?

If your product is web-based, we can use our web tracker to help measure in-product activity. CaliberMind can see which customers aren't engaged to flag who's at risk for cancellation.

What's My Ideal Customer Profile?

Not only can we profile the accounts and people engaged in your closed won opportunities - we can also flag whether or not your content is engaging the right audience.

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Scale What Works & Stop Waste

Executives want to know for every dollar that goes into marketing, how many dollars come out. But B2B buyers don’t convert into a sale after a single touch. It takes a team and many touch points to close a deal.

CaliberMind is a marketing analytics platform that looks at every sales and marketing touchpoint so you can focus on what works and stop wasting time defending your marketing investment.

Why CaliberMind?

Surge Scoring You Can Trust

Purpose-Built for B2B

We understand B2B marketing. All our analytic modules are built back from key questions marketers need to answer to drive performance.

Clean-Your-Data-As-We-Go Approach

Everybody’s data is a mess. That’s why we include data cleansing and scrubbing as part of our solution, so that your data gets cleaner as we go.

A Best-In-Class Customer Success Team

Our clients give rave reviews to our implementation teams, who have extensive revenue operations experience themselves.

Our Flexibility

We understand that change is hard, so we ensure our system can flex to your tech stack and can grow with you as you change systems over time.


Turn Insights into Revenue

Want to see how our customers use CaliberMind’s Buyer Journeys to run their business? Watch as our Head of Insights describes how to evaluate engagement trends, time campaigns, and get better at budget planning.

How It Works

We start by connecting all the systems storing customer activity data across your technology stack. CaliberMind has a built-in data warehouse that is purpose-built for B2B. We create a “golden” record for each person and company that reaches across your systems so a comprehensive, unified timeline of activities can be used in reporting models.

The activity timeline includes activities captured by marketing, sales, partner, and product teams. 

We know how B2B marketers need to use customer activity data, so unlike DIY solutions, we set up your data according to common uses cases.

We can even push that clean data back to your CRM.

CaliberMind Platform
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Got Data Problems?

De-risk Your Analytics Investment

Do you want access to advanced reporting like multi-touch attribution, but you’re too worried about your data to move forward? CaliberMind offers data transformation packages meant to get your data at peak performance – so you layer on advanced analytics and get real results – within three months at an affordable price point.

Seeing Is Believing

We get it. CaliberMind sounds too good to be true (especially after *someone* overpromised and underdelivered). We’re happy to show you the platform in action and encourage you to check out our G2 reviews.