Impacting Revenue with Data-Driven Marketing

Revenue Data Driven Marketing Revenue

The Transition to Revenue Marketing Drew is the Director of Revenue Operations with Directive Consulting, and he oversees Directive’s Revenue Operations practice that helps clients solve revenue, marketing, sales, and customer operations challenges.  Revenue operations gives people a competitive advantage when it comes to career growth. That advantage boils down to data literacy and understanding […]

An Investor’s Perspective: The Importance of Ops

Anand Thaker

Anand dipped his toes in the investing waters at age 14, but it took time to find his way to his current role as a strategic advisor. His first official career was in software engineering, but he was drawn to marketing. Anand enjoyed forming connections with many different people, the challenge of interpreting human behavior, […]

The (Underrated) Importance of Measuring Marketing Objectives

Mark Ostrander

Mark’s career began in 2008, just as the financial crisis was coming in. He started at Forrester, as an Event Sales Rep calling event marketers trying to get them to go to all the events that they just had their budget cut for. Really, he jumped right into the sort of prospecting that SDRs do, […]

Marketing Data Mythbusting 101

Sasha Samoilov

What’s With the Data Rumor Mill? Whether you’re in a specific department or part of a cross-functional team, operations professionals will inevitably field a lot of questions that are a result of a gut feeling or suspicion. Cycles are dedicated to tracking the issue down or trying to replicate a bug, and then a PR […]

How to Deliver (the Right) Marketing Data to the Board

Delighting the Board

In this roundtable discussion among three strategic marketing leaders, we examine and detail how leading high-growth B2B CMOs, and particularly those operating in SaaS businesses, can run an effective meeting with the board utilizing data that the board and C-Suite will find compelling. The keys to a good presentation are brevity, certainty, and understanding what […]

April 2022 CaliberMind Product Update

Company based engagement

We are constantly cooking up new ways to make CaliberMind more user-friendly. To learn how to use these new features, continue reading. If you would like to request a demo, of the latest and greatest CaliberMind has to offer, click here.   It’s The Little Things in Life As part of our mission to constantly iterate […]

Proving Marketing ROI on In-Person Events

8 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your In Person Event

8 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your In-Person Events At the outset of the pandemic, we were so naively optimistic! Two weeks (four weeks MAX) of lock-down, and we’d be back in trade show mode in no time.   Ha!   We’re (finally) cautiously optimistic that in-person events will rejoin the marketing fold two years […]

B2B Digital Marketing Strategy: Impact of Privacy Laws and a Remote Workforce

Mike Maynard

Privacy Laws, Remote Work & Marketing After a Digital Transformation Mike runs a B2B marketing agency in the UK. His team focuses on offering “full-service” marketing solutions, emphasizing content development and distribution. Mike’s team knows that relying on a single channel isn’t realistic and that there are many rules and regulations meant to change how […]

The Art of Presenting Data

Bruce Bugbee

Soft Skills Matter Soft skills are essential, even for the more data-centric professionals. At the start of this chat, Bruce shared his views on some of the most common missteps data analysts make.