Impacting Revenue with Data-Driven Marketing

Revenue Data Driven Marketing Revenue

The Transition to Revenue Marketing Drew is the Director of Revenue Operations with Directive Consulting, and he oversees Directive’s Revenue Operations practice that helps clients solve revenue, marketing, sales, and customer operations challenges.  Revenue operations gives people a competitive advantage when it comes to career growth. That advantage boils down to data literacy and understanding […]

Proving Marketing ROI on In-Person Events

8 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your In Person Event

8 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your In-Person Events At the outset of the pandemic, we were so naively optimistic! Two weeks (four weeks MAX) of lock-down, and we’d be back in trade show mode in no time.   Ha!   We’re (finally) cautiously optimistic that in-person events will rejoin the marketing fold two years […]

B2B Digital Marketing Strategy: Impact of Privacy Laws and a Remote Workforce

Mike Maynard

Privacy Laws, Remote Work & Marketing After a Digital Transformation Mike runs a B2B marketing agency in the UK. His team focuses on offering “full-service” marketing solutions, emphasizing content development and distribution. Mike’s team knows that relying on a single channel isn’t realistic and that there are many rules and regulations meant to change how […]

6 Things We Learned In 2021

2021 in review

It’s a new year, which means It’s time to look back on 2021 and reflect–an annual CaliberMind tradition.   Despite some big bumps in the road, many industries have stabilized and several have thrived. The tech sector, in particular, has continued to perform at a surprising pace.   We think 2021 will be remembered as […]

Back to Basics: Chat Optimization

Chat Optimization

Whenever marketing employs any campaign tactic, the ultimate goal should always be revenue.   But.   Those of us in B2B with long sales cycles simply can’t wait until deals start closing to determine whether our tactic is worth the money we’re spending on it. Generally, a couple of quarters go by before we start […]

Why Attribution Has Failed & How to Fix It

CM pic

Why Has Attribution Failed Marketers? Multi-touch marketing attribution has been around for a while in different forms. What started as a campaign-only lens with single touchpoints now may involve external databases and multiple multi-touch models.

What Does Scalable Marketing Ops Look Like?

Nate Smitha

New to Ops? Start Here Marketing operations is a relatively new profession. Only in the last five years has it become “normal” for an organization to include marketing operations in its growth strategy. With the pandemic forcing companies to convert physical events into digital, marketing operations gained much more recognition as an essential business function.

The Right (and Wrong) Way to Roll Out Intent

Mike Burton

Define Your Use Case When we asked Mike Burton to define intent, he said, “The goal of intent data is to understand a prospect company’s research behavior so that it can signal interest to your internal users of intent data. Intent shows when a company might be interested in buying your product.”

Marketers Beware: iOS Is Amping Up Its Privacy Protection (Again)

Carey Picklesimer

This guest post was authored by Mary McDaniels.   The age of digital marketing, e-commerce, and information sharing relied on consumer information for effective targeted marketing. Case in point, targeted mobile advertising spending in the US is predicted to reach $32 billion by the end of 2023. But what happens when the era of ad tech privacy […]

It’s Time to Rethink the Demand Generation Waterfall

Demand Gen Funnel

Thought leaders are beginning to rethink the demand generation waterfall for B2B. We think this is a good thing!   The original demand generation waterfall was innovative for its time, but it has some drawbacks, particularly for B2B businesses. It was ideal for one-on-one sales with individual decision-makers, and companies had to figure out how […]