6 Reasons Everyone Loves to Hate Attribution

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“Attribution” has become one of the most cringe-inducing terms in B2B marketing. People have been burned or distracted by the influencer camp bashing all things data. Unfortunately, it’s to our detriment. Let’s explore how we got here and what we can do to fix it.

Which Marketing Attribution Model Should I Use?

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To choose the right attribution model, you must understand which question you, your boss, or your company are trying to answer. In this article, we’ll give examples of when a specific model makes sense and when it doesn’t. But first, we need to talk about attribution as a philosophy.

2023 B2B Attribution Buying Guide

We’ve watched CEOs fire talented Marketing executives because they couldn’t prove their impact. Once in an organization that was smashing its revenue records during the outset of a global pandemic. Why? The executive team didn’t want to hear how hard it is to tie data together in Marketing – and didn’t want to spend the […]

How to Get Wider Visibility Across Your Funnel

How to Get Wider Visibility Across Your Funnel

If you build it, they will come.  The truth is, you can build it and they might come, but to keep them coming and get a bead on where they’re coming from, you need to widen the visibility across your funnel. Certain tactics, implemented and reviewed on an ongoing basis, allow you to broaden that […]

The Dirt Your Data is Hiding – Spot the Dirty Secrets

The Dirt Your Data is Hiding – Spot the Dirty Secrets

You want to talk about exponential growth areas? Let’s talk data. Everyone wants in on this conversation and they toss out terms like Big Data, data integration or data maximization. The problem is that most of the people doing the talking haven’t got a clue what they are asking for.  This isn’t all bad because […]

Attribution Reporting: How to Measure Marketing’s Contribution to Revenue

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Having trouble measuring marketing’s contribution to revenue? Listen in as Zee Jeremic, CEO of Mass Engines, and Nic Zangre, VP of Customer Success & Revenue Operations at CaliberMind, discuss how to connect campaigns to pipeline so you can confidently answer questions about the revenue impact of marketing campaigns.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbmBSGuLfic

October 2022 CaliberMind Product Update

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A New Product B2B Funnels Are Here!          The CaliberMind team has been busy creating configurable B2B Funnels and we’re announcing the launch next week. This new feature means you can create buyer journey stages specific to a segment of your target accounts, net new business, and/or expansion buyer journeys–and more. We’ve been using the tool […]

Impacting Revenue with Data-Driven Marketing

Revenue Data Driven Marketing Revenue

Drew Smith, Director of Growth, Revenue Operations at Directive Consulting, shares three approaches for marketing leadership to understand revenue, become more data literate, and align with their operations teams.

April 2022 CaliberMind Product Update

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We are constantly cooking up new ways to make CaliberMind more user-friendly. To learn how to use these new features, continue reading. If you would like to request a demo, of the latest and greatest CaliberMind has to offer, click here.   It’s The Little Things in Life As part of our mission to constantly iterate […]