Navigating Parenthood & A Career

Denisse Soker

Balancing Being a New Parent & A Career Over the past seven years, Denisse has focused on B2B digital marketing in the technology sector. In the past few years, Denisse has become a proud parent and has faced new scrutiny in the workplace, particularly during the interview process. Whether you’re a parent or not, her […]

The Art of Presenting Data

Bruce Bugbee

Soft Skills Matter Soft skills are essential, even for the more data-centric professionals. At the start of this chat, Bruce shared his views on some of the most common missteps data analysts make.

Why Anyone Hires Anyone

Tyler Pigott

Key Traits Employers Search For Before launching his agency in 2002, Tyler spent over a decade in the corporate PR and communication space. He was dissatisfied with the service he received from PR agencies, so he decided to start his own agency. Today, Tyler runs a team of remote workers and contractors dispersed across the […]

Why You Should Adopt a PRODUCT MOPs Framework

Crissy Saunders

P.R.O.D.U.C.T.’s Inspiration Crissy is the CEO and co-founder of CS2, commonly known as C2S Marketing. CS2 is a marketing ops agency that focuses on helping growth-stage companies set up their marketing ops function. Crissy is an old hand in this game, with more than ten years of experience in marketing ops. It occurred to her […]

The Ins & Outs of Starting a Freelance Career

Morissa Schwartz

Freelancing: The Good & The Ugly Morissa is the Founder and Owner of Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing. She and her team offer a full suite of marketing solutions, including SEO, PR, social media, and paid search. Morissa also owns Gen Z Publishing, a book publishing firm, which caters primarily to indie (independent) authors. She […]

Breaking the Burnout Cycle

Sam Becker

What is a mindset coach? Sam is a mindset coach for entrepreneurs. If you’re anything like us, you’re probably wondering what a mindset coach does.

Thinking About Freelancing? Let’s Talk Mindset

Kevin Marcus Miller

Kevin’s Story Kevin has been dubbed “the marketing clarity doctor.” He owns a business growth agency known as All Approach, and its mission is to help entrepreneurs and business owners realize their full potential.

How to Build (& Keep) a MOPs Team

Jeff Kew

Who to Hire First Jeff has a strong background in marketing technology and has built many teams in different roles over his career. At the beginning of our chat, Jeff pulled from earlier team-building exercises to summarize what he looks for in a MOPs professional and how he decides which role to fill first.

When & Why Outsource in Marketing

Monique Olan

Common Missteps Early-Stage Companies Make Monique has 15 years of experience as a Revenue Growth Marketer, specializing in B2B technology. She has worked for freshly minted startups through high-growth startups, privately owned legacy SMEs, and even globally-acclaimed publicly traded brands. Monique has done growth marketing from both sides of the coin—as an outsourced agency/consultancy and […]

Actionable Strategies to Find Career Happiness

Deanna and Ben Header

Why Do So Many of Us Burnout? As marketers, many of us have found ourselves forced to choose between burnout and adaptation. At the onset of our chat, Deanna talked about her own experiences peering over the edge of burnout.

The Art of Negotiating Compensation

Andres Moran Header

Everybody Is In Sales (No, Really) You’ve probably heard the popular mantra “everybody is in sales” and that each aspect of business always carries an element of sales in it. Andres shared his views on the mantra at the start of our chat.

Why Mentorship Matters in MOPs

Isaac Roybal

A Career Changer Mentorship is key to career growth for a lot of reasons. Isaac spelled some of them out at the beginning of our chat. “There are a lot of unwritten rules when you’re navigating your career. A career is not a linear path. It’s a scavenger hunt because sometimes you have to take […]