6 Reasons Everyone Loves to Hate Attribution

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“Attribution” has become one of the most cringe-inducing terms in B2B marketing. People have been burned or distracted by the influencer camp bashing all things data. Unfortunately, it’s to our detriment. Let’s explore how we got here and what we can do to fix it.

Why Some Marketers Run From Data & What’s Next?

Image with Alan Morte's headshot entitled Why Some Marketers Run From Data & What’s Next?

Alan Morte, President at Three Ventures, shares his insights on why some are advocating for a return to gut-driven decision-making, why smaller organizations don’t need CDPs, the options available for those lacking analytical skills internally, and the one analytical-related skill he recommends all marketers master.

First-Party Data, Community Building, & Other Stuff

First-Party Data, Community Building, & Other Stuff

Jessie Lizak, CMO at BDEX, joins our host, Camela Thompson, in this episode of the Revenue Marketing Report. Jessie shares her insights on how to build a first-party database, how to treat the data we earn, and how often she uses email marketing.

How to Get Wider Visibility Across Your Funnel

How to Get Wider Visibility Across Your Funnel

If you build it, they will come.  The truth is, you can build it and they might come, but to keep them coming and get a bead on where they’re coming from, you need to widen the visibility across your funnel. Certain tactics, implemented and reviewed on an ongoing basis, allow you to broaden that […]

The Dirt Your Data is Hiding – Spot the Dirty Secrets

The Dirt Your Data is Hiding – Spot the Dirty Secrets

You want to talk about exponential growth areas? Let’s talk data. Everyone wants in on this conversation and they toss out terms like Big Data, data integration or data maximization. The problem is that most of the people doing the talking haven’t got a clue what they are asking for.  This isn’t all bad because […]

Measuring Marketing: Finding Balance Between Art & Science

Measuring Marketing Performance: Finding the Balance Amidst the War Between Art & Science

Tim Parkin, Global Marketing Advisor & Consultant and President of Parkin Consulting, shares his insights on the extremes he’s seeing in terms of measuring marketing performance, why 100% art and 100% science don’t work, and how marketers can create more balance in measuring performance.

Soapbox Session: Marketing Shortcuts or Missteps?

Marketing Short Cuts or Missteps? You Decide

Drew Smith, Founder & CEO at Attributa shares his top buzzword for operations consultants, how the Next Best Step differs from the Golden Path along with his insights on other triggering phrases in this space

Attribution Reporting: How to Measure Marketing’s Contribution to Revenue

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Having trouble measuring marketing’s contribution to revenue? Listen in as Zee Jeremic, CEO of Mass Engines, and Nic Zangre, VP of Customer Success & Revenue Operations at CaliberMind, discuss how to connect campaigns to pipeline so you can confidently answer questions about the revenue impact of marketing campaigns.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbmBSGuLfic

What Not To Do When Building B2B Funnels and How to Fix Issues

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GET THE EBOOK Learn from four revenue operations experts how you can avoid the most common mistakes with b2b funnel buildouts and advice on how to tackle what’s happening in your own org.   Topics covered: Best practices to follow before implement a funnel Benefits of using object history tracking in your CRM for funnel stages Custom objects […]

Why Marketing Data (Still) Matters in an Economic Downturn

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We’ve seen two extremes: people who think it’s possible to measure and analyze everything in marketing and people who think gut is good enough. We’ll debate why gut just isn’t good enough when it comes to marketing analytics.