The (Underrated) Importance of Measuring Marketing Objectives

Mark Ostrander

Mark’s career began in 2008, just as the financial crisis was coming in. He started at Forrester, as an Event Sales Rep calling event marketers trying to get them to go to all the events that they just had their budget cut for. Really, he jumped right into the sort of prospecting that SDRs do, […]

Entrepreneurship & Pivoting to a New Career Journey

Matt Volm

The Winding Career Journey Not all companies are created by people in bustling cities, surrounded by entrepreneurs and businessmen. Some are started by people born and raised in small towns, like Matt Volm. Matt is the Co-Founder and CEO of Funnel IQ and Co-Founder of RevOps Co-op, a community for revenue operations professionals. Funnel IQ […]

Marketing Data Mythbusting 101

Sasha Samoilov

What’s With the Data Rumor Mill? Whether you’re in a specific department or part of a cross-functional team, operations professionals will inevitably field a lot of questions that are a result of a gut feeling or suspicion. Cycles are dedicated to tracking the issue down or trying to replicate a bug, and then a PR […]

Do Marketing Operations Professionals Need an Online Brand?

Helen Abramova

What Is a “Brand”? Helen pointed out that how the internet thinks of influencers and how marketers think of a brand are two very different things. “First of all, I want to clarify that a personal brand is very different from its original meaning. Whenever we are talking about a brand, I want to pause […]

Building a Community: An Intro to Community Ops

mike rizzo

How to Build Communities Mike Rizzo is the founder of MO Pros®, one of the most popular communities for marketing operations professionals. “All we do is talk shop about marketing ops pretty much all day long,” which is how Mike meets many marketing operations professionals, including our own Camela Thompson.

Nailing the Basics of Marketing Operations

Tim Fitzpatrick

Including Marketing Operations in the Conversation Tim Fitzpatrick is a Marketing Coach and Consultant at Rialto Marketing. Tim fell into marketing by joining a company his father started, and soon after, he fell in love with marketing. He then took a detour into real estate before coming back and starting his own firm.

Scrappy, Nonviolent Marketing

Colt Briner

Emotional vs. Rational Buying Colt is the Founder and Marketing Consultant at Scrappy AF Marketing–an agency specializing in creating market disruption for startups. From messaging and strategy to operating with a small budget, Colt helps small businesses make a big impact with less.

Proving Marketing ROI on In-Person Events

8 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your In Person Event

8 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your In-Person Events At the outset of the pandemic, we were so naively optimistic! Two weeks (four weeks MAX) of lock-down, and we’d be back in trade show mode in no time.   Ha!   We’re (finally) cautiously optimistic that in-person events will rejoin the marketing fold two years […]