Fivetran Webinar: What’s a Customer Data Platform?

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The New Edge for Customer Data Platforms Automated Data Integration   Recently, our CEO (Eric Westerkamp) was invited to present during a Fivetran webinar. During this presentation, he covered what a customer data platform does and does not do, what is unique about CaliberMind, and what people should consider before building their own customer data […]

6 Things We Learned From 2020

What 2020 Taught Us

2020 has been… Well, it’s been a bit of a dumpster fire. We kicked the year off with Australia literally on fire and somehow managed to continue to spiral. Even the 2020 Word of the Year award didn’t go as expected. The Oxford English Dictionary selected dozens. Doomscrolling, blursday, quarantini, and covidiots all made the […]

The #1 Reason It’s Time to Invest in Marketing Analytics

Data Driven Marketing

“If it’s not in Salesforce, it didn’t happen.”   It’s a fine slogan for a VP of sales, but it’s an outlook that should never be adopted by a CMO or CEO. The rest of the organization (product development, operations, finance, customer success, etc.) already knows better.   Organizations need an array of applications to […]

The 6 Phases of Inheriting a Marketing Tech Stack

Inheriting a Tech Stack

Walking into a new organization is bound to come with a few surprises, even if everyone is genuinely happy with their marketing infrastructure. It’s the nature of marketing operations. No matter how talented the previous person was, they inevitably cobbled together some creative solutions due to budget restrictions, time constraints, or lack of knowledge.   […]

Achieving Attribution Buy-In From Your Executive Team

Attribution Exec BuyIn

The hard truth is: Some campaigns will never look good using traditional funnel reporting.   Does this mean they aren’t worth doing?    No.   Marketers know that awareness activities are essential for businesses to be on the radar of their buyers. Press releases and feature articles help build credibility, content helps buyers research before […]

10 Pillars Every Marketing Analytics Tool Must Have

Key Pillars Cover

B2B marketing is hard, especially in 2020. You’re competing with a trifecta of black swans (pandemic, recession, and election) for attention, physical events evaporated, and every digital advertising platform seems to have changed their algorithms. You need to be where your audience is, and it takes twenty tools to be there.   Now the executive […]

2020 Guide to Marketing Qualified Accounts (Video)

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    B2B Marketers have been trying the same thing for ages and expecting different results. They develop a lead engagement score, and sales complains.They change it, and sales still complains.They use sales’ feedback, and is it better?Nope.Every. Single. Time.Because many of our CRM systems split up person data across two, unconnected tables–leads and contacts–and […]

2020 Guide to Chain-Based Insights

2020 guide to chain based insights

  “What’s my next best action?”   We hear it from nearly every marketer we talk to, and we understand. We’re all concerned about maximizing our budget and limiting the time to sale. It stands to reason that knowing the chain of events that is most likely to lead to a sale and then replicating […]

A Shallow Pipeline Wave on the Horizon

shallow pipeline

Pipeline creation is a team sport. As a Salesperson, I wanted to share my point of view on current happenings with Marketing, in hopes we can better achieve our current and future goals – together.   The New Norm: Questions We’re Asking Ourselves We’re all feeling a bit of what’s happening on this Kubler-Ross Model professionally, and […]

Announcing the New MasterOps Community


Back in the Day Remembering back when I was a marketing intern (before “Marketing Ops” or “Revenue Ops” existed), we had two big systems to manage:   Customer Relation Management (CRM) Marketing Automation Platform (MAP)   Somehow, I got put in charge to administer both and was promoted to a Marketing Specialist. I remember sending […]

B2B Customer Data Platforms (CDP) 2019 – Year In Review

B2B CDP Year in Review

2019 was the year when Customer Data Platforms finally arrived in B2B after proving tremendous value in B2C for several years.   The CDP Institute’s latest research indicates that 30% of B2B marketers have CDP deployment underway or complete and another 34% of B2B companies plan to start deploying a customer data platform (CDP) in the next […]

Moving Beyond Vanity Metrics: Tie Ad Performance to Revenue

roas hero

Right on time for marketing budgeting season and annual Return on Marketing Investment [ROMI] reporting, we have a big TRICK and a cool TREAT for you for Halloween!   We’ve just released our Return on Ad Spend [ROAS] feature, which enables you to tie performance all the way to revenue, a critical feature that traditional reporting […]