B2B Digital Marketing Strategy: Impact of Privacy Laws and a Remote Workforce

Mike Maynard

Privacy Laws, Remote Work & Marketing After a Digital Transformation Mike runs a B2B marketing agency in the UK. His team focuses on offering “full-service” marketing solutions, emphasizing content development and distribution. Mike’s team knows that relying on a single channel isn’t realistic and that there are many rules and regulations meant to change how […]

The Art of Presenting Data

Bruce Bugbee

Soft Skills Matter Soft skills are essential, even for the more data-centric professionals. At the start of this chat, Bruce shared his views on some of the most common missteps data analysts make.

6 Things We Learned In 2021

2021 in review

It’s a new year, which means It’s time to look back on 2021 and reflect–an annual CaliberMind tradition.   Despite some big bumps in the road, many industries have stabilized and several have thrived. The tech sector, in particular, has continued to perform at a surprising pace.   We think 2021 will be remembered as […]

Back to Basics: Campaign Best Practices

Campaign Hierarchy best practices

We had an excellent question in our MasterOps Community recently:   What are the best practices for campaign structure? Is there a gold standard for campaign hierarchies?   Of course, businesses will need to cater best practices to their business processes, but there are a lot of campaign configuration changes that can form a foundation […]

How to Fix 7 Pitfalls When Calculating Return on Ad Spend

Marketing Data Stages

Understanding return on marketing investments is more critical than ever. We’ve exited a reasonably long stretch of economic stability, and business leaders are adjusting accordingly by asking more detailed questions of marketing—particularly around digital ad spend.   It turns out these are smart questions to ask! According to a January 2021 Forbes article, P&G turned off […]

A Big Transition: Lessons Learned Pivoting to Digital Events


A Big Adjustment: In-Person to Digital Events Every year, Cornerstone OnDemand throws two huge parties—called Convergence—in the form of user conferences. One takes place in EMEA, and the other in North America. Customers use the event as a way to welcome new employees to their team, network with other professionals in the learning space, and […]

Which Half of Your Advertising Budget Are You Wasting?

Which Half Are You Wasting

Over 100 years ago, John Wanamaker famously said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”   It turns out that not much has changed.    According to a January 2021 Forbes article, P&G turned off $200 million of digital marketing, Chase reduced website ad coverage by […]