Empathy in the Workplace: A More Human Approach to Leadership

Lori Christiansen

Workforce Flexibility & The Great Resignation Lori is the Vice President of Marketing at Motus, a reimbursement software company focusing on vehicles and other employee assets necessary for completing their jobs. Motus is a work anywhere company, so working remotely is nothing new for Lori. But the ways in which COVID has reshaped the remote […]

Remote Work Life: It’s Time to Accept the New Normal

Lauren Kennedy

Remote Work Life vs. In-Office Lauren is the founder and “Chief Marketing Nerd” at Coastal Consulting, a marketing automation agency that focuses on HubSpot and Salesforce integration solutions. Being in the consulting space, Lauren was an early advocate (pre-COVID) of the remote, work-from-home culture. At the start of this chat, she shared how remote work […]

Navigating Parenthood & A Career

Denisse Soker

Balancing Being a New Parent & A Career Over the past seven years, Denisse has focused on B2B digital marketing in the technology sector. In the past few years, Denisse has become a proud parent and has faced new scrutiny in the workplace, particularly during the interview process. Whether you’re a parent or not, her […]

Breaking the Burnout Cycle

Sam Becker

What is a mindset coach? Sam is a mindset coach for entrepreneurs. If you’re anything like us, you’re probably wondering what a mindset coach does.

Actionable Strategies to Find Career Happiness

Deanna and Ben Header

Why Do So Many of Us Burnout? As marketers, many of us have found ourselves forced to choose between burnout and adaptation. At the onset of our chat, Deanna talked about her own experiences peering over the edge of burnout.