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Cut From a Different Cloth

Our product is built by marketers, for marketers, and we’re proud of that. The end result is an entirely new way of doing business for the MarTech industry—it’s sort of UnMarTech in a way. Take a look at our core principles to better understand the CaliberMind difference.

The CaliberMind Difference

A Simple, Yet Sophisticated Process

Step 1
Identifying Your Objectives

We identify your marketing objectives upfront and set the broadest parameters for the work we are doing. Sr. marketing executives play a key role in this step.

Step 2
Set Your Crisp, Clear Goals

We identify crisp goals for each of your marketing objective. You lead the discussion, we play a contributing role.

Step 3
Key Performance Indicators

We capture the Key Performance Indicators. You’ll lead the work in this step, in partnership with our marketing analyst.

Step 4
Identify Your Key Targets

We set the parameters for success upfront by identifying targets for each KPI. Marketing leaders play a key role here, with input from Sales and Finance.

Step 5
Understand Your Key Segments

We identify the segments of people / behavior / outcomes that we’ll analyze to understand why your marketing succeed or failed.

Step 6
Analyze Your Performance

We provide direct insights into your performance and make succinct recommendations on what’s working and — what’s not.


What You'll Get

Real Insights

Not a repetition of what your data already says but rather, what caused graph one to be up or down – the reasons for the performance identified by our analysis and causal factors.

Recommended Actions

What action should you take? These will sound like: Metric X is down because of our inability to take advantage of trend Y and hence we recommend you do Z.

Business Impact

What will be the impact on the business if marketing takes action? What better way to create a sense of urgency than tell your CMO what the expected outcome will be based on our insights and recommended actions?