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Optimize your channel mix

Understand which marketing and sales channels drive the most revenue and highest ROI to make smart decisions, scale what works, and eliminate waste with CaliberMind Multi-Touch Attribution.

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Make the smart decisions that drive growth

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attribution can answer

Which channels are generating the most pipeline and revenue?

CaliberMind’s world-class, multi-touch attribution software tracks and measures the impact of various touchpoints across the buyer's journey, helping you identify the most effective channels for driving pipeline and revenue growth.

How do different buyer personas engage with our brand during the buying process?

Discover how buyers engage with your brand during the buying process. Gain insights into their behavior and preferences, allowing you to tailor campaigns and content for specific audience segments.

Which combination of touchpoints is most likely to lead to a successful conversion?

Analyze the paths and touchpoints that lead to closed deals to identify the most effective combination of interactions so you can optimize your marketing and sales motions.

Why CaliberMind?

Make the informed decisions that drive growth

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Rapid Implementation

From purchase to reports in three weeks. From purchase to answers in six.

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Bespoke Services

Our clients love the customized solutions we create specifically for their complex environments.

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Your dedicated CaliberMind data warehouse delivers the flexibility you need to add and remove applications.

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Answers, not data

CaliberMind provides CMOs with the information they need to avoid ineffective marketing campaigns that harm their reputation and trust.

Multi-Touch Attribution Buyer's Guide

Need help picking a solution?

Check out our guide to learn the most common mistakes to avoid, what models answer which questions, and get a comprehensive checklist of features you should expect from a vendor.

2023 Guide for B2B Attribution

How CaliberMind works


See What You Can Do With Multi-Touch Attribution

Which channels are generating the most pipeline?

Identify the most effective channels for driving pipeline and revenue growth.

What role do my channels play during the buyer’s journey?

Understand which channels are engagement drivers and which drive conversions.

How can we optimize our channel mix to shorten the sales cycle?

Pinpoint the channels that are most effective at driving conversions and revenue.

Attribution Solutions

View the solutions that make our Multi-Touch Attribution software voted as a higher performer on G2 year after year.

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Revenue Acquisition is a team sport! While “Marketing Attribution” has been popularized over time, tracking Sales Activity during the customer lifecycle is oftentimes equally as important. Work with the CaliberMind Services Team to tag sales touches as attribution-eligible to include in your reports.


Improved budgeting practices and alignment between marketing and sales, and a more “complete” view of the customer journey.

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Channels show how prospects engage with campaigns. Take channel webinars! They can be promoted across different channels, like Paid Search, Paid Social, or Email – and the tagging can get complex very quickly. Our channel workshop improves the accuracy of tagging, better explaining the “where” and “how” attribution is generated.


Improved accuracy of channel reporting to match unique marketing tactics and tagging, which ultimately leads to smarter investment in ads and organic promotion. View more success stories today!

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