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Know what's driving pipeline (and what isn't)

CaliberMind Multi-Touch Attribution looks at every time people connect with your brand – like when they respond to sales outreach, visit your website, click on an ad, or interact with your product – so you can understand what works and make smart decisions that drive growth.

multi touch attribution dashboard

Some of the questions attribution can answer

Which departments are driving pipeline?

CaliberMind looks at all the different ways people interact with your brand (across departments) so you can stop arguing over who gets credit and focus on bringing in more business.

When do buyers engage with us?

When you can observe when different types of buyers become involved in a buying process, it becomes easier to create campaigns and content that lead to successful conversions.

What's my Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)?

Our web tracker saves UTM parameters and keeps them active during a session. We can even fill in missing data once someone is identified. This helps you see what’s happening and makes the results easier to understand.

Which channels drive the highest ROI?

Show how much revenue your marketing and sales channels are generating for every dollar spent. CaliberMind gives you easy access to revenue by channel so you can measure ROI.

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Scale what works & stop waste

Marketing leaders want to know for every dollar they spend, how many dollars come out. But B2B buyers don’t convert into a sale after a single touch. It takes a team and many touch points to close a deal. 

CaliberMind helps CMOs make smart decisions by gathering useful information from complicated and scattered data, allowing them to achieve consistent and predictable results.


Make sense of confusing and contradictory buyer signals

Rapid implementation

From purchase to reports in three weeks. From purchase to answers in six.

Bespoke services

Our clients love the customized solutions we create specifically for their complex environments.

Plug-and-play flexibility

Your dedicated CaliberMind data warehouse delivers the flexibility you need to add and remove applications from your RevTech stack without blowing up your marketing reports.

Answers, not data

CaliberMind provides CMOs with the information they need to avoid ineffective marketing campaigns that harm their reputation and trust.

2023 attribution buyer guide

2023 Buyer's Guide

Need help picking a solution?

Check out our guide to learn the most common mistakes to avoid, what models answer which questions, and get a comprehensive checklist of features you should expect from a vendor.


What is your Ideal Customer Profile?

It’s easy to rely on anecdotal definitions of your ideal buyer. But are they right? Getting it wrong can lead to blind spots and wasted spend. CaliberMind’s Marketing Decision Engine will help you verify your ICP so you can escape performance black holes.

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De-risk your analytics investment

Do you want access to advanced reporting like multi-touch attribution, but you’re too worried about your data to move forward? CaliberMind offers data transformation packages meant to transform your data for peak performance. Layer on advanced analytics and get real results within three months at an affordable price point.

How it works

By connecting with your RevTech stack, and pulling first and third-party data through a transformation and learning process, CaliberMind organizes and enriches while placing every brand interaction on a timeline in the CaliberMind Data Warehouse. This feeds CaliberMind Funnels, Engagement Scoring, Multi-Touch Attribution, and Answers so you can improve conversions, elevate accounts when they’re hot, and know what’s driving pipeline today while capturing the answer to the questions that drive growth.

Seeing is believing

We get it. A Marketing Decision Engine sounds too good to be true. We’re happy to show you the engine in action and encourage you to check out our G2 reviews.