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Move the (Pipeline) Needle Faster

Multi-touch attribution is known for helping marketers do two things: optimize campaigns and prove to the rest of the business how much pipeline and bookings marketing is contributing–to varying degrees of success.

The top B2B marketers use multi-touch attribution to identify dips in pipeline before they become a problem. CaliberMind considers every interaction with your brand–whether it’s with sales, marketing, product, and more–so that your estimates and decisions are irrefutable.

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Scale What Works & Stop Waste

Executives want to know for every dollar that goes into marketing, how many dollars come out. But B2B buyers don’t convert into a sale after a single touch. It takes a team and many touch points to close a deal. 

CaliberMind is a marketing analytics platform that looks at every sales and marketing touchpoint so you can focus on what works and stop wasting time defending your marketing investment.

CaliberMind Features

Multi-Touch Attribution Done Right

Full Visibility, Zero Compromises

The key to understanding your go-to-market performance is visibility across your entire tech stack. That’s where we come in.

Catch Up On Best Practices

Need to know which multi-touch attribution model to use when? We’ve been there and done that so you can trust our best practice recommendations.

From the First Touch to Close

Legacy attribution platforms rely on sales to choose relevant contacts for an opportunity. We look across the account, not what sales remembers to add.

State-of-the-Art Machine Learning

Automatically determine the revenue contribution of each channel throughout the buyer’s journey with Chain-Based Multi-Touch Attribution.

Demo From A Marketer

Verify Your Ideal Customer Profile

It’s easy to rely on sales or the executive team to define the ideal buyer. But is it right? The CaliberMind app will help you verify or bust those myths. Watch how Camela discovered a problem with our content strategy and corrected it.

Why It Works

You need actionable marketing insights that the other marketing leaders and the C-Suite trust.

Old marketing attribution systems just bolt onto your CRM or marketing automation platform and analyze the data in your database as-is. The unspoken assumption is that your CRM is in great shape. But is it?

CaliberMind connects to all your key marketing systems and works with you to identify your data’s weak points. Our 5-Star customer success team will suggest best practices to clean your data and keep it pristine so you can focus on what matters:

Producing more pipeline and revenue faster.

Seeing Is Believing

We get it. CaliberMind sounds too good to be true (especially after *someone* overpromised and underdelivered). We’re happy to show you the platform in action and encourage you to check out our G2 reviews.