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The CaliberMind Story

Why We Exist

Marketers are drowning in data. As our tactics evolve, that volume is going to exponentially increase. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a decoder ring to translate all of this noise into clear answers.

Our founders got tired of trying to force their CRM or marketing automation platform to report on tactics that didn’t even exist when those tools were created. They had a list of questions they wanted to answer, but realized you have to connect all of your data points and transform the data before translating it into next steps. 

CaliberMind is a customer data platform first because that’s what it takes to lay the groundwork for insights you can trust.

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Our Mission

To Help Marketing Leaders Make Decisions With Confidence

CaliberMind was made to help B2B marketers make sense of their data so they can make decisions with confidence and scale faster.

Our Values

What We Believe In

Value #1

We are resourceful and resilient. We do not get bogged down in “what went wrong” but rather “what did we learn” – what information did we gain from our experience that will make us better, going forward?

Value #2

When we say we are going to do something, we do it. We do not need to worry about whether or not something will get done.

Value #3
Growth Mindset

Staying stagnant is not an option at CaliberMind. Our team highly values personal and professional growth and commits to maintaining a learning mindset so we can adapt and improve constantly.

Value #4

Working 24/7 is not the CaliberMind way. It leads to burnout, stagnates creativity, and diminishes productivity over time. We support our employees to do work in a way that flexes to their unique style and needs and supports how they do their best work.

Value #5

We embrace the idea of “We, Not Me.” If we do not support each other, the team as a whole will suffer. Therefore, we do our best to stay connected and aware of the progress and needs of our colleagues, so that we can be aware and supportive as needed.

Value #6

Members of the CaliberMind team bring a positive, optimistic attitude to their work, the company and their co-workers.


We Care Because We Know

We are a team of marketers, marketing operations professionals, and business intelligence analysts who hail from B2B technology companies. Because we’ve been there and done that, we’re very passionate about helping our customers experience a painless approach to data-driven marketing.

CaliberMind Team Picture

Meet The Leadership Team

Eric Westerkamp
Eric Westerkamp
Eric is a highly experienced executive, sales leader and entrepreneur with 20 years of success helping companies realize high-growth for their business. Particular strength in recruiting, building and developing highly engaged and motivated enterprise and B2B sales teams.
Nic Zangrehighres
Nic Zangre
As the principal consultant for The Pedowitz Group, Nic’s teams won multiple industry awards–including both Eloqua and Marketo Partner of the Year. He led the marketing ops function at AdRoll and joined CaliberMind's founding team as head of product. Today, he's focused on helping our customers drive innovation and revenue accountability for their organizations.
Phyllis Makredes Afendoulis
Phyllis Makredes Afendoulis
Phyllis is a strategic and innovative HR and Talent Acquisition Leader who links talent strategy to business strategy to improve performance, profitability, growth and employee engagement. Her successful endeavors include both domestic and international achievements with publicly and privately held organizations.
Nolan Garrido
Nolan Garrido
A transformative marketing technology leader with 18 years of experience in digital marketing, business strategy, operations, and product development across dozens of industries and brands. Expert at solving complex business problems using creative technical solutions and value-focused design.
Camela Thompson
Camela Thompson
Camela spent over 15 years in Revenue Operations in the Tech industry before proving herself as a customer-first growth marketer. She is deeply familiar with the pain points Ops faces and is passionate about helping Ops professionals accelerate their careers.
Bruce Bugbee
Bruce Bugbee
Bruce's exceptional background in statistics, data science, and machine learning was honed across academia, medical sciences, renewable energy, and technology. In addition to a knack for developing impactful data products and strategies, he has a talent for emphasizing the human element behind data through storytelling.
Vice President OF SALES
Scott Stringfellow

Scott is a senior sales leader with a customer-obsessed, consultative approach who believes everyone wins when the solutions meet the customer’s unique needs. His approach has led to helping progressive B2B marketers make sense of all their data and buyers so they can turn insights into revenue.

Andrew Sawusch Profile
Head of Customer Onboarding & Operations
Andrew Sawusch

Andrew is a senior customer success, marketing, and business operations leader with experience growing businesses from the ground up. As a solutions-oriented individual, he is an expert in MarTech systems and delivering data-driven insights. In his spare time, he serves as a publicly elected official on his town’s city council.

Andy Hopkins
Director of Product Management
Andy Hopkins

Over the last 13+ years, Andy has created processes and given structure to organizations that have been proven to scale startup businesses faster. He has the distinction of developing the first ERP in the cannabis space and believes that creating feedback cycles allow companies to solve customer’s problems simply.

Misha Salkinder
Director of Customer Strategy
Misha Salkinder

Misha is a data scientist and marketer with experience in machine learning, statistics and business-facing applications. He is passionate about the intersection of analytics and business decision-making and has applied this knowledge during his extensive tenure as a marketing and insights leader.

Seeing Is Believing

We get it. CaliberMind sounds too good to be true (especially after *someone* overpromised and underdelivered). We’re happy to show you the platform in action so you can see the difference for yourself.

Different Is a Good Thing