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Enterprise Marketing Team Uncovers Significant Revenue Influence with Attribution 3.0

Posted June 25, 2019
calibermind customer story hero

This is the story of how an enterprise stepped into a new era of attribution, multiplied its revenue contribution (with hard proof!), and forever changed its approach to customer data.

Our customer is a global B2B enterprise with revenue in the billions. Its attribution story is one that begins with hundreds of thousands of orphaned leads and ends with all of that customer data funneling into a fuller, more accurate picture of what its customers did and didn’t do, who was involved, for how long, and to what end (read: Did they close?).

This enterprise effectively went from having little evidence or understanding of its marketing influence on pipeline (in the hundreds of millions) to proving influence on multiple billions. There’s no magic to its approach; no gimmicks. Just a big step forward into the next stage of attribution.

We’ll call it Attribution 3.0.

If you want to learn more, click here to download the full story.

Otherwise, here’s what we cover. It’s well worth the read.

  1. Your Customer Data Strategy is Your Revenue Growth Strategy
  2. When the Data Doesn’t Sync – A Disparate View of a Unique Enterprise Tech Stack
  3. Do Costly Customer Events Have Real ROI?
  4. Recouping Marketing’s Lost Influence on Revenue
  5. Day-to-Day Use of CaliberMind
  6. Turning Enterprise-Scale Data Into Business Decisions
  7. Attribution Designed for the Enterprise